The Englishman voluntarily lived for half a century on uninhabited island

The Englishman voluntarily lived on a desert island for half a centuryA photo from open sources Fifty-three years ago subject United Kingdom Brandon Grimshaw acquired for thirteen thousand american dollars little island in the Seychelles and forever moved there to live. The Englishman was not even forty years old, when he quit the prestigious job of a London newspaper editor and began the life of a hermit.

Until the time of his death, no one visited the island for half a century the owner and his friend from among the natives. Rene Laforten which can be safely called the Friday of modern Robinson, helped Grimshaw to equip a new home. Renee only periodically sailed on a tiny island while Brandon lived there for five decades, not getting out anywhere.

For thirty-nine years of friendship, a former Englishman and his faithful the assistant planted sixteen thousand trees with their own hands and paved more than five kilometers of stone paths. Then Renee passed away and Grimshaw was left alone with his dog, whom his only friend gave him a puppy.

Using the help of an aborigine, Brandon lured to the island about two thousand species of birds that did not nest here before. The Hermit has brought over a hundred giant turtles, which the world Zoology considers them to be on the verge of extinction. Thanks to the efforts Brandon and Renee once deserted patch of land became drowning in greenery paradise containing, no less, two-thirds Flora and fauna of all Seychelles.

Brandon Grimshaw passed away three years ago at the age of eighty six years old. Shortly before the death of a hermit prince of saudi arabia made him an offer to sell the island, once bought for several thousand, for the price of fifty million. Modern Robinson He answered with a polite refusal, wishing in return that his house would become national park.

And so it happened: now a small island controls the local government, in order to protect the environment, stopping all destructive human activity.

By the way, the life of a hermit can be led not only on a desert island, but even in a huge modern metropolis, for example, in New York.

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