The eternal boy Hyomyang Shin

A photo from open sources

South Korea, today. 10 year old boy with chubby cheeks in the night bar approaches the bar and orders a drink. “Boy, go home, it’s time for you to sleep, “says the bartender. Offended “boy” shows a passport: Hyomyang Shin, year of birth – 1989.

Victim of eternal childhood

Shin was born a normal child and up to 10 years old parents Could not get enough of their baby: smart, agile, cheerful. However, having celebrated its 10th anniversary, while all of it peers began to stretch upwards, Hyomyang was in no hurry to grow, still remaining a chubby boy 163 cm tall. He did not change and in a year, and in two, and in three. Today Hyomyangu is 26, but he is not grew by a cm, stubble does not grow on his cheeks and his voice is still the same children’s.

No matter how South Korean Mr. Shin tries to look older, it doesn’t work out for him. Neither strict suits nor makeup, seemingly Hyomyang remains the same touching 10-year-old a child.

Until now, the 26-year-old Hyomiangu is sleeping in a crib and puts on night pajamas with birds and elephants. And not because he likes it, but because other pajamas, suitable for him size, just not on sale.

Mr. Shin’s non-childish life

In all other respects, Hyomyang is quite an adult, the psyche of he is fully consistent with 26 years of age and his humor is completely not childish. Shin takes calmly to the “happiness” that has fallen on him and she’s not going to spend years sobbing about her long childhood. During the day he works, and in the evenings he lights in night clubs: he dances and firmly “lays behind the collar.” True, you have to constantly carry a passport, but Shin got used to it and doesn’t consider it the condition necessary for adulthood is already very burdensome.

Much more upsetting him with the difficulties encountered with girls. At the invitation to dance they cheerfully pinch him for cheek and prefer to wait for brutal machos with a two-day unshaven bristles on the cheeks. But Hyomyang hopes that this is an obstacle too. somehow overcome. In the meantime, in his room on the wall hangs a poster with the beautiful Scarlett Johansson with whom Sheen hopes ever become acquainted.

A photo from open sources

South Korean Highlander

Doctors examined Hyomyang. The only thing they found out – Mr. Shin is absolutely healthy, no abnormalities in his body found. The deviation was called “Highlander Syndrome” (the name gave film about the immortal Scot). It is understood that this syndrome includes in the human body certain mechanisms that protect against aging.

Does Peter Pan Hyomyang Shin ever get old, scientists they can’t say and continue to watch Sheen. His very existence gives hope to solve the problem, if not immortality, then at least long youth. Stop the process age-related changes when a person reaches 25 years old … well, who would refuse it!

Hyomyang himself has repeatedly said that he would have been much more pleasant if happiness did not grow up would fall on his head 10 years later.

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