The evil spirits of Tuloma

Says Andrei Efremov (Yakutsk): “For many years I I collect and analyze the evidence of eyewitnesses who faced unknown in the Siberian taiga. It happens, such people themselves on me go out and share intimate memories. And literally every storyteller, remembering some incident that happened to him an inexplicable case, you’ll definitely notice: “I don’t believe in a damn, nor in God, but what happened … “Here is one of these stories. I need this the incident was told by Anatoly Serdyuk, a trucker, avid fisherman and mushroom picker. His childhood passed in the village of Tuloma on Kola Peninsula, known worldwide for its anomalous zones and mysterious phenomena. For many years, Anatoly lives in Yakutsk, but when he comes to his homeland, often when meeting with friends recall the mystical incident that happened to them in far childhood. Анатолий Сердюк The evil spirits of TulomaФото изopen sources The village of Tuloma, while the collective farm, is located on the river of the same name. The case to be discussed happened in one from the summer days of 1958, when Tolik was only six years old. He is with other children loved playing in rocky, sometimes flooded ravine near the river. There was a mixed forest: pine, birch, spruce, mountain ash, and in that place they picked berries – blueberries, currants, cloudberries. Demonic chores Once the children in once again went down to the ravine to run over the stones. And suddenly noticed on its slope a large hole similar to a freshly dug hole. The children were surprised, because they knew the ravine like the back of their hand and they hadn’t noticed anything like it before. When did they get close to the hole, they were completely taken aback: some small furry creatures with tails and horns. They had light brown hair, knees bent in the opposite direction, and instead of feet – a hoof. As if these creatures came out of the underworld. Damn – you can’t call it anything else! Children lurked and began to watch these strange creatures. Well, neither give nor take – fabulous mad! About a meter tall. Strange creatures fumbled near his hole. It was clear that they had just dug it: next to the hole stood a handful of fresh earth, the stones were rolled away. It seemed that the devils were preoccupied with something, something looking for. Not up to you now! And the children are both scared and interesting. They are tried to come closer to consider these creatures. Those them noticed and suddenly ran straight at them. The children began to run away squealing with horror. Demons did not pursue them. Such the impression as if they just wanted to drive away from the hole random observers. Anatoly is sure: if they wanted to catch up, they would catch up – demons ran very agile. Children returned to the hole several times – curious. But the devils drove them away again and again. Run for they return some distance and back to their hole, as if show: do not get stuck in our affairs, do not interfere, they say, not up to you us now, busy! Looks like they’re really serious there were engaged. – Now I think: it’s good that they’re not up to us then was, – Anatoly recalls. – If it was “before us”, we probably everyone would have to be bad. We kids did not understand. When children returned to the village and told adults about the “evil spirits” in the ravine, they laughed them. No one, of course, believed. This despite that adults themselves often told different long evenings stories and legends about his amazing land. – Of course, the story fantastic, says Anatoly. – I myself would now be in such did not believe. Yes, but I was not alone. With me all my saw it friends. We still, when we meet, in great detail remember this case. “By the way, there are quite a few eyewitnesses who claim to have met on Kola a peninsula of terrible furry creatures similar to beavers, with humanoid faces. Sami legends about sirta – a stunted folk living underground. His name is in translated from Nenets means “making a hole, a hole.” By the way in Yakut, the word “sire” is “earth.” True, the people of Sirte, judging by descriptions, has nothing to do with the creatures he saw Anatoly. Chakhkli (chakhkling) – this is what is called in the Sami mythology жители подземелий Фото изopen source fiction writer and public figure XIX century Vasily Ivanovich Nemirovich-Danchenko in his essays on Kola region mentioned Chakhkli (chakhkling) – so in Saami mythologies are called dungeon dwellers. They were described as creatures similar to humans, small stature, naked, living under ground or under stones, extremely fussy. If you believe legends, these are very kind people, though mischievous. Chakhkli his tricks sometimes harm people. They say they often frolic on the sandy shores – they jump out of the sand, dive into it again, like water, again appear on the surface, and so many times. The Sami even have a saying – they talk about too fussy people they say: “What are you diving, how are you stunted?” Perhaps it’s them met Anatoly in childhood?

Time Stones

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