The family wants to get rid of the damned doll

The family wants to get rid of the damned dollPhotos from open sources of

A married couple living in the United Kingdom claim trying unsuccessfully to get rid of the possessed by evil forces dolls.

On the one hand, the couple really want to say goodbye to damn thing, and on the other, they intend to extract from this at least some kind of benefit. The British report that a “live” toy is capable of move around the house spontaneously, blink and turn the head. And one night, the doll scratched the leg of the head of the family.

50-year-old Debbie Merrick from the city of Kings Lynn, which is located in English County Norfolk, “lucky” to get this item at a charity sale. Woman purchased 4 toys, among which was a doll in a dress of the 19th century. Was worth this doll appears in the house of the Merriks, as they immediately began inexplicable things happen. From tables and shelves in the absence the hosts began to fall things, the fire alarm began turn on for no reason. And in the dark, Debbie, as well as her husband Cameron and daughter Holly constantly heard quiet petty in the house steps – top-top-top-top …

The last straw of patience of the household was an incident that occurred recently. Waking up early in the morning, Cameron found on his there are a lot of thin scratches on the thigh, as if left by someone else little claws. Debbie since childhood believing in supernatural, only then suspected that everything could be blamed to be dolls bought by her. The Englishwoman took all 4 toys to a friend clairvoyant, and he quickly determined that in one of the brought something to him – a red-haired doll in a light outfit – something is hidden unclean. The medium recommended Merrick to get rid of this thing.

The woman threw the doll into the box and left it in the barn. Going there the next day, Debbie was horrified to find that the box was open, and the toy sits nearby, turning its face directly to our heroine. Now Merrick is trying to sell an obsessed doll over the Internet – suddenly there are buyers interested in such paranormal artifacts. If not, then Debbie – so be it – will throw the toy and will hope that she will not return on her own to her house. However she does not have full confidence in this, and therefore she has more hopes that someone will be interested in a “live” doll.


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