The fate of the animals of the traveling circus

The fate of the animals of the traveling circusPhotos from open sources of

Mustafa is an unfortunate cougar who has lived most of her life. on a chain, in the back of a truck. Wild cat owned Peruvian wandering circus and was shown for money to residents villages.

While still a kitten, Mustafa was sold by her future. to owners who did not care at all about how they are kept animals. The unfortunate suffered from bondage, poor nutrition, illness, dehydration.

A photo from open sources

The fact that the cougar was able to live in such conditions for so many years – just a miracle. They never lifted a chain from a poor animal – she rubbed Mustafa’s neck for blood for years. The truck body was her the only refuge from the cruel circus workers who are facing with a kick, they kicked a puma out of the corner.

A photo from open sources

When the international animal welfare organization found Mustafa, she lay curled up at the bottom of the van. Cougar was so exhausted and intimidated that she didn’t even show any aggression towards people removing a heavy, rusty chain from it. Staff organizations admit that nothing more sad than a sight of this cornered, half-dead creature, they have not yet have seen.

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Just a few hours before Mustafa was rescued, zoodefenders discovered another stray circus where animals contained not in better conditions than the cougar found. Another one wild cat was freed from the iron rods of its cage: tiger Hercules finally received the long-awaited freedom.

A photo from open sources

Employees of the organization hope that when the animals will be released into the wild, they will be able to feel truly happy, and maybe they will forget that hell that went through once in this terrible wandering booth that the circus to call the language is not turns around …

By the way, we just add that in ancient times cats were considered sacred animals, for example, in ancient Egypt, where they were buried even together with people. And this attitude was not only to domestic cats, but to feline tribe in general, which, according to the Egyptians, had divine origin.


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