The fog turned the bridge into a mole hole.

A resident of the village of Kazan in the Tyumen region told
Runet users an amazing story that happened to
her and her friends in the fall of 2012. Tamara Nikolaevna Ragozin
then invited to go for mushrooms. Gathered, the company
went to the “Zhiguli” in a well-known place, where she visited
for a quiet hunt every fall. We left at about 10 am. Behind
the 50-year-old Ivan Sidorovich was driving the car at that time.

To the destination was about ten kilometers. Pals
rode slowly and talked about all sorts of things. Soon ahead
the familiar log bridge appeared, immediately behind which was located
village From her to the mushroom place was required to go no more
three kilometers away. Our heroes crossed the bridge, noticing that above it
there is some strange fog. However, no one matters much
I didn’t give it to me: maybe the sun rose and warmed the river, from the water
went steam.

Once on the other side of the river, the Russians began to call at
hillock At first, nothing ahead was visible due to thick fog,
but then the smoke cleared, and the mushroom pickers were surprised to find
that there is no village in front of them, which should be here! Is it really
mistaken dear? However, it was impossible, because the bridge
drove the same. Puzzled friends silently headed on. But
familiar village did not seem to them, and ten minutes later
Tyumen citizens became uneasy.

But на этом странности не закончились. Moving forward, Tamara
Nikolaevna and her countrymen noticed that there was a mysterious
silence. And the forest on both sides of the road was not walkable, almost
virgin. Not a single path, no rubbish, although numerous
mushroom pickers and berries, not to mention tourists, have long passed these
places far and wide. Passing another kilometer and not seeing
no trace of civilization other than the road ahead yes behind
cars, our heroes finally realized that something was happening to them
fantastic or even mystical.

The driver groaned in surprise, scratched his head and unfolded
car back. None of the passengers did not object. Villagers
drove back the log bridge, “already swum” already familiar strange
fog over the river and … “emerged” in the familiar solar world, where
the birds were singing, the insects were chattering, and the most
the usual one that seemed so dear to mushroom pickers at that moment,
plastic bottle…

Return home empty-handed (or rather, with baskets)
I did not want to, therefore, after consulting, the mushroom pickers again touched
side of the forest. By the way, the fog at this time over the river has already dispersed. BUT
behind the bridge they just began to climb a hillock – here it is a friend
a village standing where it should be. Tyumen who have
relieved from the heart, safely reached your mushroom site and
had a great rest that day, returning home with full
baskets – quiet hunting was a success.

However, what happened to our compatriots? Ragozina
long thought about it, but was never able to come to the final
conclusion. Maybe the mushroom pickers got into the parallel world, and maybe in
the past, where among the deep forest was only this road? However,
the road was kind of ordinary, Tamara recalls … In any case
bridge for some time turned into a “mole hole”, and to blame for
tom was, it seems, a mysterious fog. However, подобная мистика
Mists known to people for a long time …

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