The ghost town of Dudlitown

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The American city of Dudlitown (Kennecticut) has long been a dead zone, a ghost where no one has lived for more than a hundred years. Normal people are even afraid to approach him, although sometime this was an ordinary town with several tens of thousands city ​​dwellers.

Why did people leave this terrible place? Some researchers believe that the reason for this was the formidable three mountains hanging over Dadlitown and the sun blocking him, as well as thick impenetrable Dark forest surrounding the city. However, it must be assumed that the mountains were always there, and the forest is unlikely to have grown just for the last hundred years, but once people settled in this area and even lived normally for a while, until they became terrible things happen.

Dudlitown kills its inhabitants

About strange mystical events of this city go numerous legends. Which ones are true, which ones are fiction, today you can’t make out. But at some point, Dudleetown suddenly began to kill his inhabitants.

For example, at the end of the eighteenth century, farmer William Tanner suddenly touched his head: it seemed to him that at night near the house someone wanders and lies in wait for him. Soon a worker was found here. farmer Gershem Hollister with a broken neck. Naturally, suspicion fell on the crazy owner, but he by then was so already insane that he had to be sent to hospital.

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The following misfortune befell General Swift: lightning killed him beloved wife. And this brave warrior suddenly goes crazy too – supposedly from grief. It would seem complete absurdity, but anything happens in of this life. But when local girl Mary Cini marries beloved journalist and soon commits suicide, this to many it already seemed very strange.

And then terrible things started to happen. Mystical events mowed down entire families in Dudlitown. For example, Patrick’s wife Brophy, a relatively young and still strong woman, suddenly did not woke up in the morning – she died suddenly. And the next day two the unfortunate daughters did not return from the forest. That night caught fire Patrick’s house, and in the morning the residents of the city could not find on conflagration of the remains of the owner, although no one else in the city himself saw.

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And people began to leave the cursed place, and who remained – gradually died out, and almost all this or that strange way. The last of the inhabitants of this mystical town was a certain scientist William Clark, who, as they say, does not believe in either God or hell. He came here, to an already abandoned city, from New York with wife in the hope of finding peace of mind among pristine nature and silence. But once the doctor went away for some of his scientific affairs from Dadlitown, and when he returned, he found his wife crazy – she didn’t even recognize him. She never came out of the psychic clinic, where she had to put the unfortunate William Clark …

By the end of the nineteenth century, no one was living in Dudlithown, a dark impassable forest becomes the full owner here.

Dudlitown – City of Crazy

Hartford News reporter Dan Ackroyd spent last century a thorough investigation and concluded that the city of Dudlitown and its inhabitants were simply cursed, which is why all these things happened here mystical deaths and events. Joseph Dudley founded this city – one of the descendants of the Duke of Edmund Dudley, who in the sixteenth century tried to overthrow King Henry VIII. The duke paid for it with his head, but the king thought this was not enough, and he, with the help of the sorcerers cursed the entire Dudley clan.

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The curse overtook the descendants of the duke, they all went crazy. But here interestingly, this madness befell all those who remained alive in an American city founded by Joseph Dudley who in his time fled to the USA from Europe.

However, Dan Ackroyd also came across another legend. According to her, this damned city was founded by the children of a judge who was cruel and unjust, and therefore destroyed many innocent souls, accused of witchcraft. One of his victims cursed before the death of both the judge himself and his entire family. Hence all the misfortunes. The children of this “law enforcement officer” actually ended their life the path was somehow not good, and then misfortune spread to all inhabitants of the damned place.

Trial by Dudlitown

No one has lived in Dudlitown for a long time, but he constantly attracts thrill-seekers and ghostbusters. Almost all of them later write that this place is striking in the first place. terrible silence, because here you can not hear any insects or birds. If any sounds appear, they are so ominous that better not to hear them. In addition, many daredevils saw strange lights, and one of these adventurers even claimed that for the fire-breathing dragon chased him, and the guy barely blew his feet from this damned city.

In all these stories there is one more constant detail: when an unexplained fear, panic overcomes a person’s approach to Dudlitown, silence presses – all this just fetters and does not allow you to move further. But as soon as a person turns back, all fears disappearing somewhere, and you can even hear the grasshoppers chirping around, birds are singing. Just turn around and go back to the city I don’t feel like it anymore …

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Journalists tried more than once or twice to remove this damned place, but they didn’t succeed. It was worth turning on the equipment, as the whole the film company was getting bad: someone was dizzy, someone was starting to feel sick, someone was suddenly choking, before eyes flickered shadows …

At the end of the last century, two boys and two girls decided spend a weekend in an abandoned city, thereby proving friends that all the rumors about Dudlithown are nothing more than legends and fiction. They stocked up camcorders for the authenticity of their camping and arrived here in a car that had to be left near the city, because drive to this enchanted place no longer represented any possibility.

Young people soon also noticed that in Dudlitown it was somehow creepy quietly and restlessly, and after a couple of minutes they literally swept over panic fear. Boys and girls held hands and kept walking forward, when suddenly a fiery inscription appeared under their feet on the ground – get out of here while you’re alive. Of course, young people obeyed this advice or order. They say that and other daredevils who decided to visit the abandoned city, saw a similar inscription under your feet. True, some argue that this there were some characters that are simply impossible to make out …

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Famous Ghostbusters Robin Barron also visited the ghostly city of Dudlitown. He was even lucky: he found a stone with mysterious symbols and bones knocked on it next to it. Of all this researcher concluded that an abandoned city is visited Satanists who hold their terrible rites here.

Other scholars of this mystical place claim that the city is in a geopathic zone, hence, they say, and all the anomalies. However, it is not clear how this zone suddenly appeared here, because one thing time people lived a normal life here – and, it would seem, nothing portended trouble. And all of a sudden such hell fell … Questions, as you can see, there are more than answers, and scientists can’t figure it out yet this secret. But is it really her? Such mystical cities as there are many other mysterious places on our planet …

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