The giant “humanoid face” found in Antarctica

GiantPhoto from open sources

Some photos of Antarctica taken by the orbital companion, often become the subject of general discussion in Networks. Pyramids, fallen spaceships, thawed bridges and many more discover on satellite imagery virtual archaeologists. Google Earth has published a very unusual picture of the surface of Antarctica.

The web has begun a heated discussion of a new satellite image on which distinguishes very well “human face”. It turns out such a clear outline of the eyes, nose and lips created a snow cover continent.

Netizens say nature can create real masterpieces. Someone even found the resemblance of the unusual Viking formations, and some saw a metal helmet, who wore the Scandinavian medieval wars.

Other netizens have suggested that this structure is a certain megalithic structure that was created by an ancient a civilization that once lived on the territory of Antarctica.

In fact, the picture shows an ordinary snow dune, which has such bizarre outlines.

ESOREITER previously talked about archaeological finds in Antarctica made in recent years.

Andrey Vetrov

Antarctica Pyramids

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