The girl can rotate her leg 180 degrees

A photo from open sources

The young girl who defeated cancer surprised her friends for a long time. and relatives, and now I decided to introduce my bizarre the talent of all Internet users. As it recently turned out, she hopes to win an Ellen DeGeneres show contest. Jen o’shea can rotate the right leg 180 degrees without pain and effort, with this her foot turns to the ceiling. Amazing and freaky Jen’s flexibility is the result of an operation that was performed in order to rid the girl of a rare form of bone cancer. After after she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, she suffered surgery on the right foot in 2011. During this procedure surgeons removed the entire right half of her pelvis without replacing it his prosthesis. Brave patient after long months of physiotherapy, thanks to which she again learned to go to her huge I was surprised to find that she can rotate her leg 180 degrees. At first, Jen was embarrassed to talk about this even to friends. However Now she told about her ability to everyone, putting the video on YouTube In a video message posted May 13, O’Shea says, “Just for your sake, Ellen, I’ll show everyone how strange I am actually. “Responding to comments on a video that’s already gained over 200,000 views on YouTube, she wrote: “It was very fun! Who doesn’t like to make others laugh? ” how O’Shea rotates his foot in front of a different audience – friends, relatives and strangers. Almost all people become numb seeing how the girl twists her leg, and it looks like Jen enjoying it.

Featured talk show host Ellen DeGeneres recently announced the winner of his funny talent show. To the winner got the main prize – $ 10,000. It is unclear whether the show will have Ellen second season. Maybe Jen dared to declare too late yourself to the world.

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