The girl sent a message to her dead brother and unexpectedly received a response

The girl sent a message to her dead brother and unexpectedly received an answerA photo from open sources

The girl, missing her dead brother, decided to send a message to his number, hoping to get an answer. Unexpectedly, a reply came message. Screenshots of correspondence appeared on the Web.

In her message, the girl wrote that she misses him very much, and the next day she received a reply SMS message.

At the first moment, the girl was shocked, as previously she wrote to this number, hoping to get at least some news from his brother, and suddenly .. the answer came.

The response message said, “I’m sorry that you You’re bored with someone, but, unfortunately, you didn’t get there. ”

Later it turned out that this phone number was transferred to another subscriber.

Apologizing, the girl told the interlocutor that very often wrote to this number, hoping that the deceased brother would hear her and give her know about yourself.

The interlocutor sympathized with the situation and tried support the girl by saying that he would not mind if the stranger will tell him about his brother. Perhaps she will feel better from of this.

Paranormal researchers say that in history there were indeed unexplained cases of contact with departed people through gadgets. One of these mysterious cases occurred in Mexico, when a woman received an MMS message with a photo from a long time ago deceased grandmother.

Andrey Vetrov

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