The girl surprised the world with a phenomenal memory

The girl surprised the world with a phenomenal memoryA photo from open sources

Yan Jiasho – a ten-year-old girl from China won an absolute victory in the world championship among those who have a phenomenal memory.

This peculiar competition of super-capable people, demonstrating unique capabilities of the human brain (or even the deepest breakthroughs of consciousness capable of connecting to the universal base data), held in the Chinese province of Shandong (Jinan town) for the twenty fourth time. It was attended by several dozens of people from thirteen to sixty years gifted by Nature unusual memory.

Schoolgirl Yan Jiasho showed the best result, remembering 646 playing cards and a sequence of 1080 digits, which unbelievable when compared with ordinary human memory. Moreover the girl was the youngest participant in this competition world unique. This, as People’s Daily News noted, a new world record given the age of the young winner and the amount of information that Yan Jasho managed to remember for so a short time.

A photo from open sources

Journalists specified that even a world-class master, possessing a phenomenal memory, remembers, as a rule, for such short time (no more than three minutes) only one deck of cards. Girl She showed amazing results. No coincidence her immediately ranked among the indigo children and representatives of that fantastic sixth race, which, according to the prophets, goes to the change of our civilization with its rather primitive mind and, most importantly, low spirituality.

The tremendous abilities of children like the young winner Yan Jiasho is just a small manifestation of the possibilities that will be inherent in a new race of people. And if now such results are amazing our imagination and surprise the world, then tomorrow may become the most an ordinary occurrence of human nature.


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