The girl was mysteriously cured of deadly disease

The girl mysteriously cured of a deadly diseaseA photo from open sources

In June of this year, the 11-year-old Texas resident Roxley Doss made a terrible diagnosis – inoperable malignant tumor late stage brain. One can only guess how much This news became a big shock both for the girls’s relatives and for herself. Schoolgirl prescribed radiation therapy to extend her life for several months, but the doctors were at all one hundred percent are convinced that a young American will not survive to the end of the year.

However, to everyone’s amazement, the doctors ’forecast did not come true. More in addition, magnetic resonance imaging is currently shows that the tumor completely disappeared from Roxley’s brain! Doctors do not can find a rational explanation for what happened, because, according to scientific evidence, this is simply not possible. Doctors recognize that had never before encountered so spontaneous and rapid regression of a large malignant brain tumor. Then there is a real miracle.

A photo from open sources

A rare aggressive tumor found in Doss annually occurs in 200-300 Americans, and each of these patients considered doomed. Rarely do any of them live at least nine months after the detection of the disease. Thus, our heroine, judging throughout is a unique patient. Doctors intend to carefully examine the girl’s immune system to determine how nevertheless, the schoolgirl’s body managed to resist the deadly the disease.

Or maybe a miracle really happened, since relatives and loved ones prayed intensely for the girl, and Roxley herself put a lot of effort for his spiritual purification, so that the Higher powers allowed her to stay on Earth? I think scientists, as always in such cases (and they have accumulated over medical practice already a lot), they will not find the reason for such a rapid and, most importantly, almost impossible (from the point of view of scientific doctrine) the recovery of a young American …

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