The girls teleported to the video

The girls teleported to the videoPhotos from open sources of

On Monday, March 20, at the famous video hosting “YouTube” a very mysterious record appeared. At first glance, it is not nothing unusual, however, if you look closely, it’s becoming clear that the video is showing something inexplicable.

In the video below, titled “A Good Boy to dance, “a schoolboy is seen running, dancing, the corridor of the institution. When a young man approaches a corner, behind which overlooks another part of school recreation, right a girl suddenly appears in front of him – literally out of nowhere! You would think that she moved a couple of seconds parallel to the young to a person, however, this is not so: her legs would be clearly visible due to guy’s legs.

There seems to be an awkward hitch in front of the students, and the record on this … breaks off.

What happened? Many World Wide Web Users convinced that the girl was teleporting from somewhere. Other commentators put forward a no less fantastic theory, believing that the schoolgirl is, so-called, “speedster” and knows how to move with superhumanly fast, like Superman or Neo from The Matrix. Like, a young lady ran up or even went to a fellow practitioner on supersonic speed, and the camera failed to capture this moment due to the limited number of frames per second.

Skeptics believe that there can be no teleportation, but in In this case, we are still talking about a spectacular trick. In their opinion, near the corner, maybe there was a screen simulating the background, or the video was mounted, that is, the appearance of the girl simply “retouched” on few frames.

Unfortunately, determine the identity of the operator and the ones shot by him schoolchildren is not possible. How and find out what kind of school, and when the recording was made. In general, we have one more insoluble riddle from the Internet. You can, of course, brush it off and forget, but even the fact of who and why did all this (mounted, if this is an installation), it makes you seriously think: after all, how are we Eastern wisdom teaches, nothing happens in life by chance …

And then, why did skeptics suddenly cancel teleportation? Can, in this world there is no telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, let’s still intuition, foresight, let’s doubt …


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