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This folk healer became famous for being relatively a short time (in just three years) cured more than one hundred thousand people. From the touch of his hands the paralyzed rose, the blind they began to see clearly, in hopelessly ill patients the cancer disappeared without a trace tuberculosis … the only thing Francis Schlatter didn’t do was not raised from the dead.

God Healer

Schlatter was born in 1856 in France. At fourteen, he for some unknown reason, leaves school and goes to work as an apprentice to the shoemaker. Later, when his parents die, he leaves for America Here his craft turned out to be quite in demand, since it allowed Francis to earn from sixty to eighty dollars a month (for example, a cowboy guarding a huge herd of animals, received no more than forty dollars).

The appearance and behavior of the shoemaker were unusual. Schlatter was different high growth and remarkable strength – could easily break horseshoes. Jamesport’s girls, where he settled, were staring at beautiful craftsman, however, he himself did not show them any interest. I only read the Bible, and when minutes were found on it despondency, dispelled melancholy at sea, temporarily hiring as a fireman on fishing vessels.

It would seem that the life of the shoemaker was monotonous, and in the absence of family happiness – and completely gray. Someone else maybe would try to brighten it up with alcohol or drugs, however Francis was not fond of either one or the other, he did not even smoke. And so, when he was thirty-seven years old, Schlatter suddenly heard in to his head the voice of God who ordered him to train his body at least two hours a day and walk at least ten miles in day.

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To everyone’s surprise, the shoemaker sells his workshop for nothing distributes the proceeds for it to the poor and hastily leaves Jamesport He goes on foot wherever his eyes look, avoiding however, stop by in big cities. When his boots fell apart Francis continued his journey barefoot. Passers-by mistook him for devout fanatic, because the man did not part with the Bible, and treated him respectfully.

Once a very sick, actually dying, turned to Schlatter a man and asked to help him, because he considered Francis a saint. He did not dissuade the unfortunate, but simply read over him a prayer. The effect was instantaneous: the patient shuddered sharply, as from electric shock, and then fell in front of Schlatter at knees thanks to him for salvation.

Odyssey of a Unique Healer

So Francis Schlatter became a healer, and rumor about his abilities literally ran after him on the heels. Moving south former the craftsman willingly and completely free healed all the afflicted: people were recovering from the touch of his hands.

The same force acted on animals. There was a case where Francis I came across cowboys who drove their horses half to death. Nothing without saying, he just stroked the dying animals – and already through a few minutes all the wounds on their bodies disappeared, and after half an hour the horses were healthy. Shocked by such a miracle, the cowboys followed saints, but soon saw that the chain of his tracks goes into the mountains, to impregnable pass: Schlatter calmly walked barefoot in the snow, not feeling cold, and even could sleep in a snow hole. The cowboys are back realizing that this road is beyond their power …

Danger awaited a stray healer not only in large ones, but also in small towns. So, in hot springs he was arrested for vagrancy and thrown into prison without any trial. However, here too, the piety and true holiness of this man forced to draw the attention of the sheriff himself, who made Francis is an employee at his home. However after about six months, Schlatter again hears the voice of God, which orders him leave. And he, obeying, sets off again through the mountain pass, to avoid the chase. Francis comes to people only when It turns out in another state.

Amazing healer abilities

… when Schlatter walked the Mojave Desert (barefoot and with copper a staff of twenty kilograms of weight with which he never parted), he was noticed by journalists. It was 1895.

Having settled after this in Albuquerque, Francis arranges strict Forty-day fast while continuing to heal the sick. And their getting bigger: rumors of a wizard healer are spreading further and further – and now people go to Albuquerque from all over Sveta. The most amazing thing is that at the end of the post, the healer I cooked myself a steak, fried chicken, boiled eggs and did not forget a bottle of wine. Connoisseurs began to warn the doctor what to leave starvation in this way is very dangerous, but he only laughed. God kept me during fasting, Francis answered, will save now. And indeed, this feast in honor of the end of the hunger strike for him didn’t hurt anything.

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In 1895, Schlatter already receives two thousand patients a day. At this time, he lives in the house of a member of the Denver City Council Edward Fox, who was cured of deafness and kidney disease. Subsequently, Fox writes that for convenience (so that among patients not there was a crush) he ordered to put together a special platform, thanks which people could only approach Schlatter one at a time.

The doctor himself spent six to eight hours on the street without warm clothes and shoes, taking sick. It was enough for him only touch them and pray inwardly – people left the platform already healthy, sighted, throwing out crutches … At the end of the day, Schlatter went around wagons with seriously ill patients who could not stand in queues – and they also rose to their feet …

Visit to the healer of the Russian

The correspondent of the newspaper “Moscow News”, who suffered from severe rheumatism, also heard of a wonderful American doctor and went to the USA. A journalist trying to remain anonymous well described by Schlatter.

He was a tall man with long hair and relatively a small beard. His face is beautiful and handsome, his eyes are deep and calm, like the whole figure, from which some kind of strong energy and divine light. He was undressed, not shod and obviously everything time prayed to himself. As soon as he picked up frantically screaming baby – and he immediately calmed down, dozed off, and on his pale cheeks a blush appeared.

A photo from open sources

When my turn came, the correspondent continued, I was very worried and also passionately prayed. The healer touched me – and I felt an extraordinary heat in my whole body. It did not pass and the minutes when my sick hand and leg were filled with the same strength. Since since then I have forever forgotten about my illness.

The healer suddenly disappears

It happened on November 13, 1895. Francis did not appear that morning for breakfast; Fox later found a note where the healer reported that God called him to him. A white horse disappeared from the stable – the only gift the healer received from the grateful the patient. Apparently, he felt that the horse was useful to him.

People who came to the healer cried and wept in the street – they came too late. Some of them tried to touch though would break off the platform on which the miracle worker worked chips …

The last person to see Schlatter was Miss Agnes Morley at the ranch which the stranger came to warm himself on a white horse. Morley right away I realized who she was and invited Francis to own her house, like mine. He lived at the ranch for three months, after which he went to Mexico A year later, a skeleton was discovered in the Sierra Madre mountains a large man, next to whom lay a copper known to many staff. Schlatter was lying on his back, his hands were crossed.

Agnes Morley waited a long time for Schlatter, as he promised her to return. However, the great healer never appeared on her ranch, as well as in any other place on our planet …


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