The guy was buried in the ground to scare him away zipper

A photo from open sources

The expression “lightning does not strike in one place twice” may cause Colombian Alexander Mandon has a sad smile: a lightning bolt hit the young man four times already.

Resident of Sampues, located 300 km north of Bogotá, was first “attacked” by lightning in September 2012. Shocked Alexander recovered for a long time and was glad that survived. But the “heavenly fire” did not leave the Colombian alone, overtaking him again. After this incident, double-hit Mandon asked the doctors for help, but they could not explain the reason, by which lightning “took a fancy” to the guy.

After some time, the young man was drafted into the army, where he set off with great enthusiasm, hoping that in his absence gossip and rumors finally stop. However, staying in the barracks the recruit did not save – an electric discharge overtook him during exercises. The garrison authorities hastened to get rid of the walking disaster, stating that the presence of Private Mandon exposes the risk of the remaining soldiers present with him at the shooting range. So In this way, the demobilization was again in his hometown. Colombian became avoid open spaces and open windows, afraid to be caught off guard. His tactics brought no results – Alexandra shunned for the fourth time. Shaking guy limbs turned to healers, begging to help him, getting rid of this curse. The healers apparently remembered everything they knew about lightning, and came up with a way in the form of instillation into the ground. “Local the doctor recommended Mandon to bury himself alive in a vertical position to remove electric charge and transfer it land, ”the Spanish edition of Noticias Uno reports.

A photo from open sources

The young man, ready for anything, agreed to the “earthen” therapy. On the appointed day, two men were taken out of the house exhausted Alexander and lowered into a pre-dug hole.

While the other participants in the ceremony threw the guy’s body the earth, relatives held his head and wiped his mouth from ingested dust. The healers watching the saving ritual do not were able to answer how reliable this type of treatment is and what it is “warranty” period. So the time, or rather, the next thunderstorm, will show the results of their efforts.


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