The gypsy girl was smarter than Einstein and Hawking

The gypsy girl was smarter than Einstein and HawkingA photo from open sources

Average IQ of an adult our planet is one hundred points. Those with over a hundred forty points are considered geniuses. A twelve year old gypsy woman living in the English county of Essex, managed to score in the test IQ one hundred sixty two points. So the girl ended up in the number of one hundredth of the smartest people on Earth, overtaking on this indicator of theoretical physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Nicole Barr never studied at a prestigious school, and she lives far from among the intellectual elite. Parents of the girl immigrated to the United Kingdom from Eastern Europe to Finding a better life. Western Daily Journalists Nicole admitted that she was surprised no less than teachers and relatives when she was informed that she was a genius. However, at the girl’s father had speculations about his giftedness offspring.

A photo from open sources

James Barr says: “Nicole always liked arithmetic, challenging puzzles and logic games. She has long overtaken in this plan of their classmates and is now studying math in textbooks high school. I want to believe that my girl is waiting for a big future. Maybe she will become, for example, a well-known specialist in any scientific field. ”

Amazing child currently living in gypsy community with father and half-sister. According to parent Nicole, the latter has turned into a real celebrity here. Relatives of the little genius like reading newspaper headlines, dedicated to the girl. Although Barr’s talent is, by the opinion of experts innate, her father is sure that the extreme diligence and intensive study also played a role in girl’s IQ was higher than that of famous scientists.

Stephen Hawking Einstein

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