The head of “Apple” discovered a smartphone on an old the picture

ChapterA photo from open sources

The other day, the general director of the American corporation “Apple” Timothy Donald Cook made a business visit to Amsterdam. Speaking in the capital of the Netherlands, a fifty-five-year-old entrepreneur did very unusual statement. Presumably the head of the “apple” companies just joked however many users of the World cobwebs felt that there could be a certain grain in his words the truth.

An Amsterdam-based journalist asked Cook about when to the light appeared the famous “iPhone”. The American replied: until recently it seemed to him that he knew perfectly well the answer to this question, and the cult smartphone was invented in 2006, but now Timothy not sure about that anymore. According to the businessman, he recently looked through seventeenth-century European painting and stumbled upon the mysterious canvas of the Dutch artist Peter de Hoch, written about three and a half centuries ago.

The head of “Apple” claims that he was shocked to see in the picture a woman with a strange object in her hand, strikingly resembling modern apple smartphone. The work was created artist around 1670. The canvas is named “Letter”, however it is not known exactly who gave him such a name: the author or art critics. Perhaps the item depicted is a letter to the envelope as conceived by the author himself, or maybe they decided subsequently art historians who needed to be called somehow a picture.

A photo from open sources

How could a smartphone get into the seventeenth century?

So Tim Cook has clearly hinted that in medieval the picture may be the exact Apple smartphone. Probably, it would be worthwhile to regard such words as a joke, laugh and forget, however, many Internet patrons seem to take them seriously and began to put forward their theories why in the picture of the golden age Dutch painting turned out to be a high-tech gadget. Alone claim that the painter captured on the canvas a traveler in time that went back in time from our days. Other suggest that already in the middle of the seventeenth century there was similar electronics introduced by aliens or from parallel world.

By the way, time-traveling mobile phones have noticed and before. For example, we recently wrote that a lover Boxing Revising Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeely 1995 years, suddenly noticed among the audience a man with a large white a smartphone. The mysterious individual held the gadget in front of him and, Apparently, he was filming what was happening on video. However, it is known that the first prototypes of this technique appeared only in the new millennia.

Time Smartphones Artists

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