The horrors of the Barsky garden

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We all love, or once loved fairy tales. However sometimes reality turns out to be more fantastic than fiction. In the abandoned gardens Russia, it turns out, can stumble on terrible creatures. Where specifically? – you ask. Well, for example, in the Tula region.

In his “latest encyclopedia of mysterious places in Moscow and Moscow Region “, published in 2009, a famous writer and Ufologist, head of the Cosmopoisk association Vadim Chernobrov talks about the Lower Barsky Garden, which is located near the village Yakovlevo Zaoksky district of the Tula region.

Actually, next to the village are two ancient gardens: Upper Barsky and Lower Barsky. Apple trees still grow in the upper calves graze, and the lower one for many years turned into sinister impenetrable jungle, where almost no one walks. The size of it it would seem small – just a kilometer or two, but it was there some terrible and huge creature wound up.

In 2008, a letter came from Cosmopoisk from a resident of the village Yakovlevo, 23-year-old lawyer Elena. According to her, it all started in 1999, when a local peasant escaped to the lower garden about a hundred rabbits. Soon they bred so much that their could even be found on the streets of the village. Then an unknown began to catch and eat these rabbits. Next year to Nizhny Barsky garden from a large forest migrated carrion crows.

Then Elena wrote: “It was in 2001. At that time, we friends during the summer holidays arranged role-playing games. They were divided into groups of trackers (we called ourselves that). I got into a group of trackers, which included my cousin and my girlfriend. Since the game lasted all three months, it was necessary to find a reliable long-term refuge (we are trackers).

We found a good place by the river, but another group of us somehow figured out. And we had to look for something else. We’re a friend of Marinka sent to intelligence, and they went with his brother Zhenya to search appropriate place. Finding nothing in the village, we decided to go to that the Lower Barsky Garden, because, as we decided, no one there will go from the “enemies”. And the wilds there are such that they hide very easy.

So, we go along the garden without going inside, looking for a suitable a place. Finally, they decided to enter, but the trench blocked the entrance, dug during WWII. Brother jumped over her, and I decided to climb over. When I climbed up and wanted to put my hand on the ground, to lean on it and get out, I suddenly saw that right under my arm lies the torn part of the dog’s front paw. I looked around, and around, like puzzles, lay the rest of the murdered dogs dissected by joints.

The most interesting thing is that they were not cut off, but torn off, including the head. I then thought: this is what kind of power you need to possess, to tear such a healthy dog’s head! My brother who does not believe to anything supernatural (even in Santa Claus), did not give it meanings, but I’ve already gone awry.

We climbed over the ravine, and went further through the garden in search of suitable place. Two hundred meters suddenly began to smell carrion. Here I was already from death with fear, but didn’t give kind, so as not to disgrace in front of his brother. After another fifty meters Zhenya found a decent place. A slightly inclined maple could serve a seat, all three of them; the place was well closed, although there was not far from the exit, while a two-meter thick nettle is good blocked us from enemy intelligence.

But in front, where the wilds of the garden began, there were thick bushes, yes those because of which nothing was visible. As I remember now, I leaned against a maple (all white with horror, as she foresaw something bad), and Zhenya took a stick and, lifting it up, began to discuss how to make a “sword” out of it …

Suddenly, about fifty meters from us behind the bushes came such a terrible roar-yell-scream that my hair moved! I look to Zhenya, but he doesn’t seem to show any kind. Well, I and I thought it seemed to me. But literally in five seconds already right behind the bushes, i.e. behind my brother I heard the same a roar-howl-scream, and it blew some carrion or some beast …

Zhenya lost a stick from our hands, we froze for a moment, after of which the only thing that his brother could wheeze was barely audible “Run”. I don’t remember how we climbed a ravine-trench, as we climbed through nettles, and indeed how we ran away, but in the village we found ourselves in ten minutes, although walking about 30 minutes. We told parents, but they did not believe us. And we decided not to tell other players.

The story goes on

A year later, the story continued. My aunt has a garden located outside the village (but she lives with us in our house), just not far from the lower garden. Once they went to my aunt with my mom dig up young potatoes in the garden early in the morning. Suddenly minutes later fifteen they flew home all out of breath. We ask in what’s the matter, and they say that there, in the garden – deep traces, but not just footprints, but very strange: the size of an adult’s foot men (even a little more), but not a boot, but a bare foot. Land pressed to a depth of 10 centimeters. And such footprints all over to the garden …

In the summer of 2003, my brother Sashka and his friend Dimka, then both were 30 years old. I accidentally told Dimka this story, and he persuaded me and Sasha to go there. I brought them to I’m telling the same maple tree: “Here I stand, over there, where you are, Zhenya was standing, and suddenly … ”

At this moment, my story was interrupted by a roar, but not the same as in last time. When the animal does not attack, but growls menacingly. And this there was not a roar of a dog or another beast, but some kind of womb, primitive fear! I pressed into my brother and only saw that two healthy 30-year-old men were covered with sweat. In such Numb, we stood for ten minutes. The roar did not stop, but no one attacked. Sash was interrupted by Sashka:

– Just say: he does not climb trees?

– How do I know? ..

“People, let’s go from here already,” whispered Dimka.

– But you can’t go back, there are overgrown, if we run, we’ll fall, and then all…

“Let’s go ahead,” the brother suggested. – If you go forward, then soon there will be an upper garden, and there is little vegetation ahead …

So they decided. Passed forward, and after a hundred meters roar stopped, but then we found someone’s fresh guts! Alive left but have suffered fear … They say that in the same year in our the village was visited by sorcerers, shamans, witches from around the world (almost not 2500 people). The newspaper published an interview with some and they said that they chose this place because it energetically very strong.

In the fall of 2006, about strange events taking place next to the lower garden, the whole village already recognized. One summer resident (non-drinker!) Went in our forest, near the Barsky Garden, for mushrooms and most often heard something big (since the noise was very loud) with at a tremendous speed moves toward him.

And, already running up to the place where the uncle stood, the creature issued creepy uterine roar for the whole forest! A man doesn’t remember how he ended up on pine from fear. But the monster, not reaching it, turned sharply in side of the river. The summer resident sat for two hours on a pine tree and only then decided to get down, and like tears, he rushed off to the village with a haste;

In the summer of 2006, my story continued. Monster started to show itself! I finally, after six years, all believed. Every night he roars the whole village so that the locals the dogs cower, whine and hide. We saw his tracks, and traces of several individuals. The foot is huge! And one woman who she didn’t believe everything and she grazed goats near the Barsky garden, once she even managed to creature to see. The goats and two dogs in front of her came home and in the corners clogged. She says that the monster is two meters tall, walks on two legs, and all in shaggy brown hair.

At local children (already adults, 20-25 years old) at the entrance to the garden there was a place that they arranged for night gatherings. I’m not there I went, so I write from their words. They said they often heard near them in the garden is some kind of powerful movement that certainly accompanied by a terrible carrion odor. And at the end of summer they celebrated a holiday and made a lot of noise there, even fireworks allowed. Suddenly they heard branches and branches breaking, and with them something powerful moves at a great speed and growls … They quickly Fear ran away and no longer go there. We have now at night the village is dying out. People are afraid to go out! ”

In the spring of 2008, participants went to a terrible garden for exploration “Space Search”. Neither the monster nor the strong evidence of it they did not find existence. However, what could be found there? Traces or shreds of wool on the branches of bushes and trees? What if a monster only enters the Lower Barsky Garden, but lives mainly in big forest? And there you can’t find him even with a battalion of soldiers, not like with a group of enthusiasts.


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