The horrors of the underground labyrinths

Horrors of the underground labyrinthsA photo from open sources

It’s hard to find a people who wouldn’t have legends about creatures, living in the darkness of the dungeons. Whom the rich did not settle folk fantasy in the underworld! Nagas from Indian legends, Chud and vievich from Russian fairy tales, Fomor from Irish traditions. All of them were once forced to leave the surface of the Earth and leave. into the darkness of the dungeons. Cave trolls, gnomes, tsverg, goblins – The list of underground residents could be continued. All these mysterious creatures possessed secret knowledge and possessed unknown crafts. Their attitude towards people, as a rule, was hostile. MYSTERIOUS CHINCANAS Entire tunnel systems under found in different parts of the world: in the Sahara desert, and in Pakistan, and in Altai, and on Easter Island. But especially a lot Stories walks around the caves of South America. Another famous English traveler Percy Fossett, dedicated his life the search for Eldorado, mentioned in his books about long dungeons located near the Popocatepetl volcanoes, Inlacuatl and in the area of ​​Mount Shasta. Peru talks a lot about the mysterious and most reputed cincanas caves as It is generally believed that they have their origin near the city of Cuzco. Back in the XVI a century of Jesuit priests who educated them and the introduction to Christianity of the local population. Father Martin de Moya wrote: “A large cave near Cuzco, passing through the whole city ​​connects to tunnels taking direction to Sacsayhuaman (giant megalithic monument. – Approx. Aut.), then underground the system goes further, going down the hill through the temple San Cristobal, and comes to the city of Santo Domingo. Perhaps so the way the Incas created escape routes in the event of a sudden attacks. “More about Chincanas reports Father Garcilaso de la Vega: “The maze consisted of real underground streets, as well as caves with absolutely identical entrances. The system is like that difficult that even the most daring adventurers do not dare enter it without a coil of rope, the end of which is tied to the main entrance. Some people think that the tunnels go to the very the heart of the Andes, and no one knows where they end. “RESERVE REPTOIDS? Legends of the Peruvian Indians say that in the depths Mysterious snake people live in Chinkanas, as well as what is in these caves the Incas hid their treasures. In the XX century, several perished in them dozens of adventurers. Few managed to get out of the creepy caves, Yes, and these “lucky” forever damaged in their minds. Of their incoherent stories one could understand that in the depths of the earth they met strange creatures similar at the same time to man and the snake. Several Peruvian expeditions forever remained in the depths of chinkanas in the 1920s. In 1952, they decided survey an international scientific group from american and French specialists. Archaeologists were not going to linger there for a long time and took food with them for only five days. However out of seven participants in 15 days only one got to the surface – Frenchman Philippe Lamontier. He was very exhausted, almost nothing remembered, and soon he found signs of deadly danger bubonic plague. Philip said that his companions fell in bottomless abyss. The authorities, fearing the spread of the plague, laid the entrance to the dungeon is reinforced concrete slab. Lamontier died through ten days, but after it there remained an ear found underground Pure gold corn. A few years ago Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, a famous researcher of the Inca civilization, tried repeat the path of the lost expedition. Its equipped with with modern equipment, the research team penetrated dungeons from an abandoned temple located in several kilometers from Cuzco. First they stumbled upon a round tunnel, looking like a huge ventilation duct. Its walls did not reflect infrared rays, which indicated a high aluminum content in their composition. When the tunnel narrowed to 90 centimeters, archaeologists considered for the good turn back. The most fantastic are connected with chinkanas hypothesis. For example, some researchers relying on stories Indians about snake people, consider that branched underground the system has become a haven for evolved dinosaurs. Supposedly a small pangolin wall nichosaurus living on our planet 70 million years ago, gradually turned into a rational being, by morphology and intelligence are very reminiscent of modern people. Pangolin could well survive several ice ages, being under ground. As a result, the civilization of “man-saurs” appeared, which explains many finds made in chinkanas. For example, strange shaped traces in ancient rocks. To this version indirectly indicate the famous stones of Ica, which depict people in society of dinosaurs. Anyway, someone built the dungeons upright – because there are stairs. MYSTERIOUS CITIES Something mysterious happens in Chile. There in 1972 a group of Soviet geologists worked under the leadership of Nikolai Popov and Efim Chubarin. When they surveyed located at 40 kilometers from the city of Chiguano a copper mine abandoned in 1945 year, it was allegedly discovered a huge gate, broken inside. Moving through the tunnel, geologists saw a strange trail – as if a huge snake crawled deep into the earth. Walking another 30-40 meters, geologists saw an oval course about 1.5 meters high, leaving somewhere in the depths. Curious that its surface was corrugated. Going down the corrugated aisle Soviet geologists discovered strange copper eggs the size of ostrich. Not daring to try their luck further, they returned to surface. Later, while talking with locals, geologists heard tales of scary snakes with human heads that sometimes crawl out of this shaft. Beliefs about the same creatures are in Australia There, snake people are supposedly found in the area of ​​the so-called “black mountains”. So called high embankments of black boulders. By According to the Aboriginal people, everyone who tried to penetrate deep into the Black Mountains, disappeared there forever. Unfortunates were taken to their underground city snake people. A photo from open sources Traditions about underground cities built human dinosaurs more than 5,000 years ago, there are North American Hopi Indians. One of the underground cities of serpent humans from the traditions of Hopi allegedly located on the territory of modern Los Angeles. In 1934 year, a certain American geophysicist really discovered under city ​​system of caves in which, judging by the readings of instruments, innumerable gold reserves were kept. First, the authorities gave the scientist excavation permit but then under a far-fetched pretext recalled, and the geophysicist himself mysteriously disappeared. THE MONSTER OF ROSTOV CATACOMB However, behind the dungeons with mysterious creatures living in them sometimes not at all necessary. After all, its obviously artificial origin dungeon in which mysterious and terrible things are, for example, in the caves of the Kobyakovo settlement near Rostov-on-Don and under the city itself. Tunnels, grottoes and caves go it is unknown where for many kilometers, and at a depth of 400 meters under the city is a large underground lake. Local historians say what else in ancient times the inhabitants of the time of the Bosporus kingdom Kobyakova ancient settlements brought human sacrifice dragon that crawled out of the ground. I visited here in 1437 the expedition of the Venetian merchants, led by Jehoshaphat Barbaro – representative of a family obsessed with gloomy occultism. Venetians looked for some ancient artifacts or traces in the local necropolis “bloody saints”: either the reptoid of Lucifer, or some other evil spirits. And 200-300 years ago, Rostov land with the same mission visited a certain “Jesuit scout”, posing as a merchant. Whether these “archaeologists” found anything is unknown. These caves are still considered to be a bad place. Locals when it comes about dungeons, it is strongly advised not to go there, even under fear of death. They talk about many strange deaths. people trying to explore the caves. Repeatedly at the entrance to the dungeons lost pets and livestock. Often found only some gnawed bones. In 1949, when the present restaurant “Ocean” the military planned to build an underground command post of the North Caucasus Military District, in caves two soldiers disappeared. When rescuers found their corpses, it became clear that someone literally tore apart people. Later at the local cannery the factory collapsed floor collapsed in some ancient dungeons. Stunned workers noticed in failure as if the body of a huge snake that quickly emerged and disappeared, while the devil’s roar was heard, and the manhole present during the search the dogs scooted away. Already in the Yeltsin era, the military again interested in the Rostov catacombs, wishing to build in them a secret bunker in case of a nuclear war. Measurements were taken soil samples, the terrain was carefully examined. The work stopped again, after the death of two soldiers. This time the bodies of the victims were cut in half by something like a laser. After this incident, the entrance to the dungeon was reliably sealed with reinforced concrete. However, over time diggers managed to get there and found cylinders from under poisonous gases. Apparently, the military still tried to “smoke” monster, but again it’s not known whether they have achieved anything. Valdis PEYPINSH Secrets of the twentieth century №13 (April 2013)

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