The incredible rectangular iceberg turned out to be true, confirmed by NASA

The incredible rectangular iceberg turned out to be true, NASA confirmedA photo from open sources

Recently, our resource wrote about an amazing picture taken 16 October this year near the Antarctic ice shelf Larsen. The sensational frame depicts a perfectly flat rectangular iceberg of enormous size. We, like many other users The World Wide Web has suggested that photography is fake. Say, a block of ice drifting across the ocean looks too smooth and surreal to be created by nature.

Now this story has received an unexpected continuation. On the surprise, the authenticity of the picture was confirmed by employees the american national space agency who like it turned out, and got it the week before last. Looks like a rectangular slab ice wanderer quite surprised NASA scientists, involved in the study of Antarctica. According to Jeremy Harbek, one of the authors of the find, he had never seen before unusual icebergs.

However, Orthodox scholars, as you might guess, do not in a hurry to claim that a striking lump has been created representatives of extraterrestrial civilization or some individuals with fantastic technology. Or that she appeared here at all or from a parallel dimension, or even from another time. Some netizens suggest that in the future humanity will have to create artificial icebergs in the oceans to hold back global warming. It is possible that such man-made ice will have the shape of rectangular parallelepipeds.

So maybe they are already creating somewhere? For example, in another space or at another time? ..

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