The inhabitants of the American city scared a mysterious sound

The inhabitants of the American city scared a mysterious soundA photo from open sources

On the night of December 13-14, residents of the American city Spokane Valley in Washington State scared of mysterious loud sounds. From about ten in the evening until five in the morning I heard an ominous hum that resembles either the roar of a colossal animal, or to blow into a giant wind instrument. Including submitted Below is a video shot by one of the witnesses, you can hear these sounds with your own ears.

In a city with a population of 95 thousand people exposed to noise undergone 27 thousand, that is, more than half of the residents of Spokane Valley. Inexplicable sounds not only prevented Americans from sleeping, but also made them fear for their safety. Some thought that war broke out with Russia (and with whom else?), others felt that the Apocalypse arrived, still others were horrified at what happened alien invasion of Earth.

Hundreds of calls began to arrive at police stations, and guards law and order began to reassure compatriots, assuring them of that nothing bad is happening. Patrol cars drove out on the streets in the evening and went around all the urban areas until dawn, however, they did not notice anything remarkable. “You might think that this howl is heard immediately from everywhere or goes straight from the sky. Fortunately, we haven’t found any signs of potential danger, “- told reporters city sheriff Andrew Benson.

Some experts said that an unexplained sound was caused unusual properties of icy air. According to experts, low temperature can significantly distort sounds and increase speed of their distribution. Say a snow truck working at one end of the city could create a sound that traveled all over Spokane Valley and spoke at the other end village terrible roar.

However, many citizens believe that such a hypothesis is not withstands criticism. The fact is that Spokane Valley is northern a city, and every winter is cold here, but before such anomalies have never been in this locality were observed. It is reported that chilling sounds are no longer repeated, however local police and scientists will keep an ear Vostro, next time to have a better chance to solve the mystery frightening noise. That’s just the residents themselves do not really believe in omnipotence of scientists and especially policemen …

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