The “inhuman” figure flashed in abandoned hospital

A photo from open sources

In the Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta, there is the abandoned Charles Camsell Hospital (pictured above), considered damned and inhabited by evil spirits. According to urban legends, a building built in 1967 and closed in 1996, teeming with the ghosts of the unfortunates who died within these walls from tuberculosis. And a couple of days ago, one of the locals unexpectedly received quite “real” evidence that rumors about mysticism are not born here by chance.

A man who wishes to remain anonymous says he walked with friends in the evening near the former hospital and decided capture an empty building on the smartphone camera as monumental and tragic monument without any thought of mysticism. The operator did not even suspect that the lens of his gadget will fall something mysterious and inexplicable. In one of the windows suddenly flashed a dark silhouette that looked like a twisted anthropomorphic being. By turning on the video below, you can see the alleged anomaly with your own eyes.

The author of the video believes that he was obviously lucky Capture one of the ghosts found here. Meanwhile, many users of the World Wide Web at the sight of these frames felt that in this case, it may not necessarily be about coming from a thin of the world. According to many commentators, this could be some kind of creature cryptozoologists are interested in, a guest from parallel dimensions or even a representative of extraterrestrial civilization. Somehow however, the video was deemed genuine, mysterious and very impressive. Some goodies also advised Canadians bypass this hospital, even during the day, and even in the evening and at night especially…

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