The invisible man jumps into the well at mysterious video

The invisible man jumps into the well in a mysterious videoA photo from open sources

March 21 at the famous video hosting “YouTube” appeared mysterious short record.

At first glance, it does not constitute anything outstanding, However, this is not the case. If you look closely, at one strange detail can be noticed in the video, and many users World wide web convinced that we are talking about supernatural phenomenon. Or maybe about pure science fiction embodied by someone in a life.

In the video below, which lasts only 20 seconds, you can to see an ordinary well in the countryside. However, when careful examination, it seems that someone is jumping into it! A transparent, barely noticeable human figure is repelled by lands and falls right into a dark hole.

It is noteworthy that not everyone sees this, so we hope that you will be among the “big-eyed” viewers. Fortunately in slow motion suspected anomaly noticeable it’s better.

What is it? Some commentators are convinced that this is real invisible man. Of course, its a little bit, but still you can see, however, on a busy street or in a lush forest, you did not notice would be this transparent figure. Other users claim this the ghost of a suicide bomber, and a native of the next world doomedly repeats his once suicidal leap into a deadly void. how said the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, any ghost – it is perhaps just a moment from the past that is forced repeat from time to time in the present.

Skeptics, as you might guess, believe that this is ordinary fake or illusion, a game of chiaroscuro. In favor of their theory, they note that no one would install a surveillance camera opposite the well, for it does not make sense. Hydraulic itself the structure is not even protected by a lid or grill. However not exclude that the video could have been shot accidentally (apparently it is made by the usual “soap box”, say, a camera of the same mobile phone) and only later it was considered something unusual, and therefore, they did not poher in endless modern household video archives and not erased …


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