The island where they disappear without a trace people

An island where people disappear without a tracePhoto from open sources

There are countless mysterious places on our planet, which, for the most part, simply cannot be investigated and explained scientifically, because science, and indeed the people themselves, as such, powerless in front of these mysteries of nature, because we and nature understand so far too simplistic. One of those mysterious places Earth can rightfully be called the island of Envainet.

A photo from open sources

No, this is far from lost in any Amazon jungle or among the vast expanses of the ocean a piece of land, given, quite ordinary in appearance, the island is located almost in the center of a huge Rudolph Lake in Kenya. It can easily be reached on the very primitive raft of local Turkan or Elmolo tribes, not to mention about modern water vehicles, however on this “enchanted island” no one lives. Moreover, they don’t go there neither scientists nor paranormal researchers, since with of this island, as the locals say (and this is confirmed practice), no one returns if you linger on it “over laid down. ”

A photo from open sources

Among the Kenyan tribes living near Lake Rudovlf, there is a legend that once the natives settled on the Envaintainet, but in 1630 all the villagers suddenly disappeared overnight. Kenyans sure that in the middle of the island opens a huge fiery a cave that somehow attracts and absorbs people – and they disappear without a trace. However, there are many other legends about the one who and how takes the guests of the island (in more detail about it – in the video) …

The aborigines themselves, apparently, tried to settle on this the island more than once – there were such daredevils. To some even managed to settle in a new place. For example, this was the case with natives of the Elmolo tribe. But then the new settlers suddenly stopped give any news about yourself. When the villagers Loyengalani sailed to the island to find out if everything is alright with their relatives, they did not find a single living soul here – the inhabitants the new settlement seemed to evaporate, leaving their homes, utensils and even half-eaten food …

A photo from open sources

Since then, the enchanted island has remained deserted. Europeans became interested in the Envoy in the XVIII century, several expeditions from Holland and Germany, despite all the warnings natives, nevertheless sailed to the island. Nobody came back …

The last attempt to solve the mystery of the Envaynet island in 1935 undertaken by a group of English scientists led by Vivian Fouche. Two of his fellow researchers (Bill Dyson and Martin Sheflis) went to the island and … also disappeared. Worried Fush directed in search of scientific rescuers, but they did not find there absolutely nothing. Then the leader of the expedition called a plane, which two days “combed” the mysterious island from the air. To the natives themselves Fush promised a fabulous reward if they find the missing whites. But, in spite of all these efforts, researchers have never found managed…

A photo from open sources

Since then, only snakes and crocodiles live on the dangerous island. Not, more goats, which apparently remained from the missing migrants, now wild and somehow strongly bred on this a small piece of land, which is marked on the official maps as South Island, while the natives call it Envietenet, which translated from the local language means – Irrevocable.

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