The Italian will live on a melting year iceberg

The Italian will live on a melting iceberg for a yearPhoto from open sources

Thirty-six-year-old Italian citizen Alex Bellini, widely known for his amazing travels, plans for twelve months to live on a melting iceberg off the coast Greenland. Extreme intends to demonstrate that man is able to survive in any conditions.

The project was called “In Drift”. Next November the Italian will fly to a pre-selected iceberg and Settles in a specially equipped module. According to Bellini, his the new project will be more than an ordinary adventure. FROM On the one hand, the author of the experiment sets itself scientific goals: he will carefully study the ice drifting behavior in the ocean blocks. On the other hand, a man will demonstrate to the world that willpower and appropriate skills allow a person to stay alive and healthy almost anywhere in the world.

Among the previous achievements of Alex is the race for twenty four thousand kilometers, boat race thirty-five thousand kilometers, as well as one and a half year isolation in a dense forest. However, the new test, according to the Italian, will be where heavier and more complex than all the previous ones combined. At The author of the project emphasizes that the most painful factor in all this will be a complete lack of interaction with other people, that is, complete loneliness, in which there will be only “communication with iceberg. ”


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