The journalist filmed mysterious sparks in the video the sky

The journalist filmed mysterious sparks in the sky on videoPhoto from open sources

In the American city of Castle Rock Colorado captured on The video is a strange phenomenon. Local journalist Dominic Lee tells that “heavenly sparks” whose nature he is unable to explain.

The man says that he shot an early morning report about one of the local schools and at some point turned the camera in side of the northeast. He did not even suspect that this would allow him Capture amazing anomalies.

By turning on the video below, you can see incomprehensible luminous points, streaking lightning through the dark the firmament. Of course, many of us will immediately find that it was ordinary meteor shower. However, take a closer look at the video more attentively: mysterious lights fly from the bottom up, not on the contrary, while some “sparks” even manage to change their trajectory of movement! Thus, the author of the material concluded that these UFOs were sent from the earth directly into space. Maybe it was alien spaceships leaving our planet and rushing home? Or the Americans are testing in Castle Rock secret weapon? What if it’s still completely unknown supernatural phenomenon?

However, some researchers remembered the so-called “flying rods” – clumps of energy supposedly falling to us from a parallel world that can only be fixed with videotaping as they move at tremendous speed, and therefore not distinguishable by our vision. Remove them in all corners of our planets, however, are very rare, so an American journalist, You could say, lucky.

Dominic reports that at the time of shooting he really isn’t noticed nothing unusual. However, returning to the editor and proceeding to the processing of footage, he was surprised to find on his videos of these startling sparks. The journalist thought it was where more interesting than reporting about the school, and first of all took up studying your find. Lee’s colleagues suggested that they could be birds or insects however recognized that speed unidentified objects are too large, so for sure it’s about something completely different. The theory of “flying rods fits in in this case, it is best assuming that these rods were comparatively far, and therefore more like mysterious sparks in the sky …

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