The journalist intends to solve the mystery of Poldingsky glow in michigan

The journalist intends to solve the mystery of the Poldinga glow in MichiganA photo from open sources

On the Upper Peninsula in the US state of Michigan there are the town of Polding, famous for its unique supernatural a phenomenon called the Paulding Glow. This amazing anomaly for many decades causes heated debate among scientists, ufologists, spiritualologists and other specialists.

Above a dirt road leading into the city through a forest, in the evening and at night, a luminous ball appears, periodically changing shape, size and shade, and after some time also goes out unexpectedly. Many people intended find out what it is, and went towards the glow, however it soon mystically disappeared from their field of vision, continuing to shine those who were distant.

A photo from open sources

The polding glow was seen by thousands of residents and guests of the city. His repeatedly recorded on video and shot in the photo. Nonetheless, no one can even approximately determine what is a source of mysterious light. It turned out that this is not there may be a flashlight, car headlights or some kind of spotlight. Nearby is a high voltage power line, and theoretically, a break in the cable could flicker like that, however, such a the hypothesis was quickly discarded.

Ufologists also shrug their shoulders at a loss: if it were flying saucer, it would be visible from everywhere, and not exclusively with a certain angle.

It is noteworthy that the mention of such a mysterious flicker found in the legends of the Indians who lived here in seventeenth century. Nowadays, the Poldinga glow has been talked about in 1966 when a group of teenagers saw him that very evening told about this observation to adults. City Sheriff then personally went to the outskirts of the road and saw inexplicable light with my own eyes. A few years later, the anomaly turned into a local attraction. Armed with cameras and cameras tourists began to go on the road specifically in order to see this paranormal.

A photo from open sources

American journalist John Carlisle said he plans once and forever unravel the mystery of the Poldinga glow. Reporter team armed with the most modern equipment, will go to Polding and will try to determine the light source. For example, researchers will use the telescope to carefully examine the glow from far away.

However, many residents are sure that Carlisle has nothing will work out. A lot of specialists did this before him, and nobody achieved any result.


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