The jury, which was the ghost of the victim, discharged

The jury, which was the ghost of the victim, was dischargedA photo from open sources

In Canada the other day there was an amazing incident, which became perhaps unique in the history of the global judicial system. Juror the assessor who participated in the murder trial reported that she the ghost of the victim appeared at night and told numerous details crime. The judge, having read such a statement, ruled remove or, more precisely, free the jury from her duties.

A woman whose name was not disclosed had to endure, along with other jurors, the murder verdict twenty-three-year-old Lucas Stresser-Heard. Defendants are five young people who allegedly beat and stabbed a victim near one of Calgary’s nightclubs. Four of them are charged with manslaughter and one – with intentional aggravating circumstances.

The ghost named the names of its killers

The jury handed the judge of the Royal Bench Glen Poleman a note in which she said that from an early age has psychic abilities. The woman said that the day before the next meeting, a ghost appeared in her hotel room deceased young man. A guest from another world told a Canadian all the details of his murder, including accurate information about which of the attackers inflicted fatal wounds on him, and which – just a couple just hit. The jury also wrote that the spirit of Lucas requires revenge, however, to those of the accused who are innocent of his death, he does not wish evil.

A photo from open sources

Of course, only an extremely naive person will consider that the court will want to use such information in the proceedings. Woman and she herself did not believe it. According to the Canadian, she perfectly understands that she can’t count on it, and her ability to communicate with the dead will not take anyone into account. Nonetheless, the assessor noted that she herself intends to be guided by sentencing precisely the testimony of the deceased, therefore, the court, you may have to remove her from her duties.

After conferring with the defendant’s lawyer, Glen Poulman really Decided to replace the jury. The judge did not express skepticism regarding a woman’s supernatural powers, however felt that verdicts should be relied upon solely on evidence demonstrated by lawyers and data given by witnesses. Also in Canada, according to by law, the jury must pass a unanimous sentence, and the person with a unique opinion can drag out the lawsuit for many weeks or even months.

It turns out that the vaunted justice system, even in the most democratic countries do not yet need clairvoyants and mediums? ..

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