The lunatic girl walked five kilometers along highway without harm to yourself

The lunatic girl walked five kilometers along the highway without harming herselfA photo from open sources

In the north of Norway, a five-year-old girl in a dream passed five kilometers along the highway, including the dark kilometer the tunnel. The child, carefully walking along the side of the road, received no damage and did not catch a cold.

At night, little Thea put on her boots in a dream and left the house. She overcame a long kilometer tunnel, got to the next city ​​and there sat on the threshold of someone else’s house. The storm raged at night, and the temperature was below zero, but the girl on which of the clothes were only panties, didn’t even catch a cold, NTV correspondent reports Sergey Morozov.

A photo from open sources

Kristin Dale Serensen, the girl’s aunt: “I left home at night. five kilometers, because she dreamed that the house was on fire. It was going then ran. And she says she was a good girl because she ran on the sidelines so that they don’t get hit by cars. ”

The fact that a girl of five years made such a trip in a dream a completely unique case, experts say. For doctors somnambulism – a special case of epilepsy, brain closure centers. But where does the body draw its reserves from, for example, how 84-year-old woman climbing roofs and why all these superpowers are lost if a person is woken up, still a riddle.

Details are in the video report.

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