The machine inexplicably “materialized” in a very strange place

Machine inexplicablyA photo from open sources

The video below was recently received on one from the busy streets of the Scottish city of Livingston.

30-year-old Matty Bestwick drove past a local department store and unexpectedly noticed a car, tightly stuck between two parking posts. This sight seemed to the man surreal enough and he asked his 8 year old son Ryan capture a bizarre picture on a smartphone camera.

What makes this scene so weird is that red Toyota was literally flattened between road posts. The latter, in turn, were almost turned to the sides. How did the car fall into such a “trap”? Obviously, just stop by there she could not.

According to many users of the World Wide Web, what happened is clearly contrary to the known laws of physics and sound meaning. When Bestwick posted his son’s shots on the Net, among heated debates flared up in the virtual space regarding the reasons for what happened.

Someone claims that the car must have been reset by crane. However, eyewitnesses do not recall that Toyota fell from above (many would notice). Witnesses do not remember how the car was there. It is known that it belongs to the elderly the man who was driving her, but the pensioner allegedly he himself could not explain how he ended up here. Unlikely that he performed such a fantastic maneuver.

Many YouTube commentators believe speech it’s about an abnormal phenomenon like teleportation or the imposition of one layer of reality on another. Some even believe that a senior citizen drove here by car from a parallel world, indistinguishable or indistinguishable from ours.

Unfortunately, on the Internet, most often these abnormal there is no continuation of stories. Whether it becomes uninteresting when it turns out the true reason, not so intriguing, or someone such a rush specifically releases the brakes. For example, if pick up a pensioner in a mental hospital, and just pull out the car and send to the dump, then no miracle – an ordinary and rather boring story, is not it?..

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