The magical properties of the Cat's eye stone

A semi-precious stone called cat's eye is a mineral with a thin, light stripe highlighted. He feels the mood and state of his master, protects him from the negative actions of enemies and heals him from diseases.

Before purchasing this mineral, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its properties, influence on various signs of the zodiac, as well as the differences between an original and a fake product.

Cat's eye stone


Initially, the effect of a cat's eye was obtained during the processing of yellow-green chrysoberyl – a glare is created using rutile inclusions that create a diffraction grid.

A similar effect is observed in green quartz products, ulexite and moonstone in white, blue or light blue. Of the gemstones, the cat's eye is found in rubies, tourmaline, sapphire and topaz, so you can see items in black or red colors.


This noble mineral is famous for its versatile properties and is the best talisman for aspiring people with high self-esteem.


A cat's eye is an optical effect in the form of a luminous strip on a stone. It appears as a result of mixing several varieties of gems and moves when the product rotates. The main characteristics of such a mascot:

  • hardness – 8.5 (calculated on the Mohs scale);
  • transfusion shade – grayish-green, golden or amber, is created due to impurities;
  • processing of the form by means of cabochon cutting.

By origin, natural and artificially created stones are distinguished, obtained by combining barium titanium and borosilicate glass fibers.


For a long time, the cat's eye is known for its magical effects, thanks to which it is of great value among sorcerers. In ancient India, it was used to see the future and understand the language of animals. It is also believed that this stone was used to protect its owner from death.

The main magical effect of the stone on the owner and his loved ones:

  1. Protects from accidents, damage and curses. In the event of an approaching danger, a heaviness is felt at the location of the amulet.
  2. Enhances the charm and attractiveness of a person. For timid people, a cat's eye helps to gain self-confidence and become more determined.
  3. Helps build relationships with family and colleagues. The stone relieves attacks of aggression and groundless jealousy, strengthens the bonds of marriage.
  4. Strengthens receptivity to the inner voice, helps to reveal in advance the unkind intentions of people around and strengthens the aura.
  5. It awakens hidden talents, increases concentration of attention, makes the owner not focus on small problems.
  6. Improves material well-being, attracts a stable income to the house.

Representatives of the stronger sex, the cat's eye endows with courage, strengthening their authority in society, the weaker sex becomes more elegant and attractive, thanks to this stone.


In addition to its magical properties, the cat's eye is known for its healing properties in various fields:

  1. Eyes. Regular wearing of a pendant or bracelet with a cat's eye will help sharpen your eyesight, and stones applied to your eyelids will relieve fatigue for a few minutes.
  2. Blood pressure. With a regular increase in the indicator, you should choose a yellow-colored stone, with a reduced pressure, a green cat's eye will help.
  3. Respiratory system. Cleans the lungs, helps to get rid of pneumonia, tonsillitis or bronchial asthma in a short time. To enhance the action, it is recommended to wear a pendant or beads.
  4. The cardiovascular system. A ring with this stone, regularly worn on the index finger, helps to get rid of migraines and strengthen blood vessels.
  5. Injuries. Accelerates the healing of wounds or internal inflammation.
  6. Nerves. Eliminates signs of depression, normalizes sleep, relieves aggression – the best effect is achieved when wearing a rosary.
  7. Digestive system. Stabilizes the stomach, eliminates indigestion.

The cat's eye helps to normalize the functioning of all internal organs, improves the functioning of the immune system and helps in the treatment of blood diseases. In addition, a pendant with this stone reduces intoxication during childbirth and facilitates the process of childbirth.

Color features

The action of the talisman also depends on its color:

  1. Yellow – instills confidence in its owner, suitable for clergy and teachers. Recommended to wear in the form of a ring or pendant.
  2. Gold or brown – enhances self-confidence and respect of colleagues, suitable for politicians and businessmen.
  3. Green with a golden tint – attracts money, helps to achieve goals and conclude profitable deals, attracts luck. Also suitable for merchants, managers and accountants.
  4. Purple – normalizes the work of the nervous system, makes the owner more balanced.
  5. Dark green – relieves nervous strain, helps to focus on work, protects against the evil eye and damage. Recommended for athletes and creative people.
  6. White – strengthens family ties, strengthens the health of children and the nervous system of parents.

It is recommended to wear a blue cat's eye for people in a relationship – it eliminates the feeling of jealousy, relieves anger and protects against rash aggressive actions.

Influence on zodiac signs

The gem is suitable for all zodiac constellations and has its own meaning for each:

  1. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. The cat's eye has a protective effect on all areas of life, brings back inspiration to creative people and quickly relieves signs of depression or nervous tension.
  2. Libra. In the fairer sex, it enhances the natural charm, and helps men soften the harsh temper.
  3. Gemini and Virgo. The stone gives confidence and helps to achieve success in all endeavors. For women born under the Virgo constellation, it helps to improve relationships with their beloved or find their soul mate, and gives men strength and confidence.
  4. Aries, Capricorns and Sagittarius. A cat's eye avert accidents, enhances intuition.
  5. Aquarius and Taurus. It attracts positive energy, relieves of bad thoughts.
  6. Lions. A cat's eye will improve relationships at work and help you successfully deal with backlog.

Expert Opinion Yuna Hatun A divine fortune teller, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Gemini are encouraged to wear this stone separately from other jewelry.

How to distinguish a fake

To identify a fake when examining a stone, you should pay attention to the following:

  • strength – scratches glass surfaces, can be damaged by sapphires, rubies or diamonds;
  • shine – the original stone shines brown or green, a fake can have any shade;
  • friction – after wiping with a cloth, the original product begins to glow brighter, and the appearance of the counterfeit product does not change;

In addition, glass products have a rounded or zigzag flare, while natural stone has a straight line.

Artificial cat eye

Artificial stone can be gray, purple or pink. When creating, dyes are used, and the basis is fiber optic glass. Transparency is inherent in small products, while larger stones are turbid. Such jewelry is inexpensive.

Product care

A cat's eye is highly durable and difficult to damage, however, it is important to take proper care of it to maintain its attractive appearance and magical properties. Keep the product away from makeup, cleaning products and temperature extremes. It is recommended that you store your cat's eye separately because it can damage other jewelry.

To prevent the stone from darkening, it must be washed under warm water with ordinary soap and wiped off with cosmetic pads or napkins. Do not use cleaning solutions during cleaning or dry the product with hot air.

It is important to remember about the energy sensitivity of the stone and wear it with good thoughts, otherwise the amulet will attract problems to its owner. And do not skimp when purchasing a natural stone – it will pay for itself with its positive action.

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