The man came to life after disconnecting from the device life support

The man came to life after disconnecting from the artificial life support apparatusA photo from open sources

61-year-old Scott Marr from the US state of Nebraska believes one of the most successful people on the planet. 12 December last year, the father of four children lost consciousness as a result stroke and was taken to intensive care. Despite all efforts doctors, a pensioner did not recover. Soon, doctors concluded that the man’s brain is dead and the patient is disconnected from the artificial life support.

However, once it was done, something truly happened. astounding. Scott’s brain began to show signs of activity, the body American began to breathe, and soon our hero gradually came to yourself. Doctors were surprised to the core. They already planned perform an autopsy to remove organs from the “deceased” for transplantation. Contrary to any forecasts and medical postulates, the man completely returned from the next world.

Marr is still undergoing rehabilitation at the moment. home surrounded by relatives. The pensioner and his relatives consider what happened by a divine miracle. The American claims that, being unconscious, saw incredible images that are impossible describe in words. At some point, our hero heard loud voice, although it was as if inside Scott’s head, and this one a voice informed him that the deadline had not yet come for him, and Scott I must definitely return to my loved ones.

Cases of people returning from the other world are not so rare, however, even independent researchers who do not put under doubt the immortality of the soul, do not always understand why take another person for a short time in order to show him afterworld. Of course, sometimes inveterate materialists after returns from there begin to believe in God, some gain some kind of supernatural ability – it’s all clear. In this Scott Marr’s case was without such a “magical journey” a believer, some special changes in her perception of this the world and the perception of himself from those around him is also not seen so far. Just a mystery and nothing more. Maybe everything is American it’s just been a dream, that’s how the posthumous scientists explain experiences of the resurrected, or, as they are also called, “returnees.” However, even in this case, the mystery remains simply fantastic. the revival of a person who has already died …

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