The man claims that he eats only solar light and air

The man says that he eats only sunlight and air.A photo from open sources

An Asian Briton named Hi Ho claims that practically does not consume food and water. According to a 38-year-old resident English Birkenhead, for several months now he has been eating in mainly the energy of the sun and air. Sometimes a man allows himself drink water and eat a mint dragee. The latter is necessary in order that interrupt the taste of bitterness in the mouth. Our hero has a sick liver, which is the reason for the frequent bad taste.

It is health problems, according to Ho, that made him to abandon the usual products and even water. Despite the fact that the Englishman works in the field of fast food being near a tasty-smelling meal doesn’t seduce him at all – long ago. The man is the so-called Bretarian, or prano-eater, or sun-eater. Such individuals are convinced that a person tuned his body and mind in a certain way, capable of receive all the necessary energy and nutrients from sunlight and air saturated with prana. Say, full the transition to solar science is a natural stage of human evolution.

Despite such a radical diet, Hai weighs 82 kilograms and It looks quite healthy, full of strength and energy. He sure pranoanalysis rejuvenated him and would soon restore his liver. Interestingly, our hero feels a certain disregard for eating with his very birth. In childhood, parents constantly experienced with problems because their son ate very little and tried in every possible way evade eating. Today, the Briton also faces misunderstanding of others when they learn that he is not feels craving for food. Hi himself is sure that he, apparently, originally born a sun eater, and all these years, society has simply forcibly drove him to fit his nutritional framework and living conditions in whole. But he finally found the strength in himself to return to his nature, and now very happy about it …


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