The man for whom time has turned reversed

A man for whom time has turned backA photo from open sources

Until the age of 25, he grew up like everyone else, then time seemed to him like stopped. After several years of unstable equilibrium, it rolled back – Soso began to rapidly grow younger.

Younger Soso Lomidze

At 25 years old gray hair disappeared, the stubble on the cheeks was replaced by a gentle youthful fluff, voice changed. The process progressed every 5 Soso lost weight in years and seemed to become less tall. Over the years the difference between biological and calendar age is all increased, 30-year-old Soso was given a look of 20-25 years, and a 40-year-old already looked like a 15 year old teenager.

A photo from open sources

It is unlikely that any of the men would be happy about the prospect of the infinite rejuvenation. To return to youth is fine, but to childhood … neither to meet a woman, to buy vodka in a store, not in a man’s company bustle about. But Soso doesn’t at all rejuvenate he was upset – he was not like everyone else, he was a thief.

Crime talent

Soso Lomidze was a pickpocket. At 15, he was already known. and respected in the circle of “tweezers” as an extra-class specialist. His caught and gave term, despite the “youth” – in total Soso spent 13 years behind bars.

The phenomenon of appearance did not in the least reflect on his mental abilities and psychological development – pickpockets over the years getting smarter, trickier and more dodgy. And in 1983 41-year-old recidivist thief Lomidze gained all-Union fame among criminals.

Mikhail Georgadze

In 1982, as they wrote in the newspapers “after a long illness” The Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Mikhail, passed away Georgadze. But in the criminal environment they used to say that in fact statesman committed suicide. Replaced Brezhnev, a former Chekist Andropov opened a criminal case against Georgadze upon receipt of bribes on an especially large scale.

The apartment was searched, the valuables found were gold, diamonds were considered buckets and politicians, without waiting for the court to give him the highest measure, shot himself. Thieves were sure that the cops seized not everyone decided to “shake” the widow of the deceased.

The widow’s robbery

Tatyana (whom her husband affectionately called Manana) lived in Tbilisi, in apartment with an armored door in a community of 3 huge dogs, the door didn’t open to strangers. This is where the “young” Soso came in handy. Dressed in a school uniform with a pioneer tie on his chest, he called in the door. To the hostess’s question “who is there?” squeaked: “You haven’t waste paper? The country needs paper! “Well, who thinks something bad on pioneer? The door locks clicked.

Lomidze’s accomplices immediately launched three techs into the house shepherd dog Hefty Great Dane forgot their direct duties and indulged in the joys of love. Mistress tied up, cleaned the apartment.

“Pioneer” Soso got his share and went to Moscow to his mistress Tamara Badridze. Following him, the glory of the lucky a thief. But the main business of Lomidze was yet to come.

Robbed Shevardnadze

In 1989, Foreign Minister Shevarnadze visited Tbilisi. In the past, as Minister of the Interior, and then first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia, he greatly annoyed the criminal to authorities. It was decided to take revenge – to rob a proud Georgian. The choice fell on Soso. Lomidze, who over the past 7 years is even more rejuvenated, again decided to resort to the already used the trick.

During a visit by the Minister of the Tbilisi Palace of Pioneers from a young pioneer jumped out into the crowd: “Batono Edward! You are our messiah! We are so have been waiting for you! Let me kiss your hand! “Communist Shevardnadze was startled, took the boy in his arms and tightly kissed.

And only in the office of the director of the Palace, Sedoy Lis, found that “pioneer” took off his watch “Philip Patek” on massive gold bracelet decorated with loose diamonds – a gift from the Union industrialists of Germany.

Criminals tried to make history public, and announced that they are ready to sell hand-held watches USSR Foreign Minister to anyone who offers the highest the price. Shevardnadze bought the watch. Soso received a thieves’ award Crown and nickname Old man.

56 year old kid

By the mid-90s, Soso’s potency began to fall. Only thanks This piquant detail of the story of Lomidze and became known to doctors. A friend persuaded him to turn to Juna. She admitted to help unable and sent Soso to the deputy director of the research institute experimental morphology and gerontology Semyon Dalakishvili.

A gerontologist, examining the patient, said with regret: “Alas, I can’t help you with anything. Don’t be fooled, your body getting old, like everyone else. As for your external “rejuvenation”, then if it does not stop, 60th anniversary you will meet with a pacifier in your mouth. “Inspecting Lomidze after Dalakishvili Health Minister Chazov suggested that rejuvenation of Lomidze is a manifestation of abnormalities on the genetic level, the nature of which is unknown to science.

In the spring of 1998, a famous thief was buried in a Tbilisi cemetery in law. Lying in a coffin 56-year-old Old man looked like a student elementary school.

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