The man survived a rare “internal decapitation”

The man survived the rarePhoto from open sources

22-year-old Indiana Brock Meister considers himself one of the luckiest people on the planet. In infancy he is barely did not suffocate, but … survived, at 16 years old successfully recovered from a malignant brain tumor, and this year suffered a so-called “internal decapitation”, which almost always leads to instant death.

However, our hero survived again and slowly but surely went on amendment. Today he can already lead a normal life. As if there was nothing like that …

And it was like that. At the beginning of this year, the American got into car accident, as a result of which his skull was completely separated from the spine. The man went with friends to the lake, and the car skidded on an icy road. Seat belt not kept Brock, and he struck his head window car. First meister did not even understand what happened, and wanted to leave the car, but the body did not obey him. Friends of the victim immediately called a medical helicopter.

The doctors in the hospital at first did not believe their eyes when saw that the patient actually survived the decapitation, and his head was connected to the body only with flaps of skin and muscles. Neurosurgeon Kashif Sheikh (who, by the way, removed Brock as a teenager tumor) and his colleagues sewed nerves for Meister for many hours, blood vessels and other tissues. Skull and spine the injured were re-connected by a special titanium by construction.

Recently, our hero removed the neck holder, which is more six months prevented any movement of his head. According to the man, God probably has some plans for him, so he, by some miracle, still alive, despite all his misfortunes. Brock wants to enjoy a full life again and quickly forget about their last deadly “troubles.” In addition, an American really hopes that fate will stop testing him, and from now on nothing will threaten life.

A life

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