The man who does not sleep 17 years

A photo from open sources In the Middle Ages, executioners practiced terrible torture – a person was not allowed to sleep for a long time, after which he confessed to the most terrible imperfect sins. Day is replacing night. Wakefulness replaces sleep. It would seem that everything is clear and unshakable in this matter, if … If not for Yakov Tsiperovich, who lives in Minsk is already not closing its eyes for the 17th year. Moreover, he does not just not sleeping, but not getting old. Now he is 43 years old, although apparently more than 27 will not give. Karina’s wife has long been accustomed to unusual husband’s abilities. Son Sasha goes to first grade and also wants to be same as dad. It would seem that an ordinary Minsk family is steadfast suffering all current Belarusian economic turmoil. All it would really be usual, if not for the presence of the phenomenon, which is extremely rare in the world. It all started enough commonplace. In 1979, when Jacob was 26 years old, his first wife at because of jealousy I decided to poison my husband. The attempt ended in failure: clinical death, resuscitation, almost a week of complete non-existence. After after Jacob woke up, he did not recognize not only the world around him, but also yourself. “I felt a complete substitution of my thoughts,” says he. – My head was filled with knowledge, which was simply nowhere was to take. It was a real waterfall of new ideas, invested in poetic form, which was also a wonder for me. I have a lot did not understand, only passively passing through his consciousness. I saw a different world is surrounding itself, everything began to be perceived very clearly. I began to see the causes and consequences of many events, understood who is who, and this understanding was not a figment of thought, but came from somewhere entirely and immediately. I keenly felt that I am not the one was before. But that was not all. It happens that as a result any critical events people feel the substitution of the soul. Behind it, as a rule, a complete change in the person’s personality follows: his habits, character traits, etc. Something more happened to Jacob: he did not recognize his own body! There were times when he sat down and in surprise felt his hands, feet, face. Everything seemed to be in okay, but at the same time – unfamiliar. It was strange to feel like always an obedient hand reacts to your commands in a different way that was earlier. On this oddities did not end. After Jacob returned to ordinary life, he discovered that he could not sleep. It should not be thought that it was a wonderful sensation. Very sleep I wanted, as it happens during insomnia, but he could not fall asleep. Unlike insomnia, when a person is passively lying and sleep is not may come, Jacob simply could not lie down. – Imagine a toy Roly-Rise, ”explains Jacob. – No matter how they try to lay him down, he still gets upright. Just like that I had a situation. I lay down on the bed, and then some the force lifted me and seated me on the bed. Barely beginning oblivion, in my head was heard something like a click that brought me back to wakefulness. It was real a nightmare and an ongoing struggle for opportunity for even a moment forget in a dream! It did not stop for a week, month, year. I was scary, because I thought that the body could not withstand such a load. Now I remember with horror that period! Then came the tipping point moment. Suddenly, as if by magic, forces began to arrive, muscle build up, weight increase. Arose sensation of tremendous physical strength that seemed to come from somewhere inside. He stopped getting tired. Once, trying set the limits of their physical abilities, Jacob during nine hours intermittently squeezed 10,000 times, but desired the result of fatigue that would help him sleep, never reached. Lack of sleep is no longer perceived as physical suffering, there was only a psychological dependence, something like installation – “A man must sleep!”. Insomnia began to suffer easy. It turned out that the painful process seemed to end the formation of a new organism, and maybe a new person and the period of his growth began, as the child grows, constantly opening in imagine more and more new opportunities and gaining strength. And finally another phenomenal ability manifested itself only for many years later, when meeting with classmates, acquaintances of the same age who are bald, saddled, acquired wrinkled, he was surprised to see that he himself remains completely unchanged. The body is, as it were, mothballed, and, most likely, the reason for this was the same state of clinical death that gave him the ability to do without sleep. Browsing photos twenty years ago, to verify this is quite simple. – I ceased to feel the passage of time, says Yakov. – For me it is not exist. There is no division by day and night, all this is one indivisible process. For me, life is like one huge day. Probably, a sense of timelessness is a consequence of the state when the body suddenly becomes immune to the aging process. I live timeless. It seems to me that life will always be. By the way, there are some objective evidence of a “conservation” process organism. Jacob’s body temperature for a long time did not exceed 34 degrees and only in the last year rose to 35 degrees, that is the body as if plunged into a state of suspended animation, when extremely metabolic processes are slowed down. Well, what does science say, and in particular medicine? After all, perhaps it is the Ziperovich phenomenon will allow you to get a recipe for eternal life. Add to this remarkable physical abilities, as well as a significant increase in time for self-realization, work, creativity. Alas, science is traditionally nothing does not speak. About doctors and scientists Jacob speaks poorly concealed resentment: – No one seriously studied my abilities. On my own initiative, I repeatedly lied on examinations where the encephalogram was taken, analyzes were done. All trouble that I have a great state of the body and, accordingly, great analyzes. There are no anomalies. Once I even accused of simulating. The first years I traveled to hospitals in Moscow and Petersburg, was examined by professors Wayne, Ilyin. The Bekhtereva Brain Institute refused to take me for examination. There I was told: “It’s enough why a person doesn’t sleep. Many people don’t sleep.” After traditional medicine, he tried to recover from a strange “ailment” among psychics – Moscow June, Minsk psychoneurologists Plavlinsky, Semenova. Everyone said the same thing: “You are absolutely healthy. “Appealing to scientists from academic science is also nothing gave, they just laughed: “We have enough of our problems.” So that my abilities don’t interest anyone. “How can dispose of such a gift – an additional 8 hours full time, and even with excellent physical fitness? – Oddly enough, I don’t use this time, – thinking, answered Yakov. – The Lord gave me life, and I just I live. In addition, understand, for me this is not extra time, but just the usual time that every person has, and I fill his usual activities. Of course, there is a certain specificity: not at night you will do noisy things when everyone around is asleep. Therefore in this time I read, write, think. Last year I spend a lot of time to learn how to sleep. Of course, this is not a real dream, but with using some mediation techniques I learned for several hours completely disconnect from the outside world. In the early years with insomnia I fought differently – I tried to forget myself with sleeping pills and in huge quantities swallowed radedorm, elenium, relanium. Battle ended with the victory of the body: the dream did not come, there was only a feeling lethargy and depression that could not replace sensations full sleep. Therefore, from drugs I immediately refused. I must say that I still want to become a normal person who can sleep. Jacob writes poetry, which he has accumulated a fair amount. The content of the verses as a rule, philosophical and lyrical. By the way, about the Tsiperovich phenomenon Japanese and French made the film, wrote central and local newspapers, The Belarusian radio station “Liberty” made a program about him. – honestly saying, – complained Jacob, – the journalists served me very poorly service. After publications, I can’t calmly go out: already in People come up to the yard, start asking questions. A lot of telephone calls. All this is not consistent with my reclusive image. of life. Moreover, life has become unsafe: somehow sectarians broke into my door, demanded a meeting – for some reason I told them needed. It only saved that I have a huge Caucasian shepherd dog. So fame was not so pleasant. Of books of Nicholas Nepomniachtchi “XX century: Opening after opening”

Life time

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