The man who stuck in time

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In the history of medicine, especially the part that deals with By studying the brain, there are many unique cases. One of them – a person who, as a result of surgery carried out on the brain “stuck” in time, almost losing the ability to remember new information.

The name of this man is Henry Gustav Mollison, and he is from an early age. childhood suffered from epilepsy, in the most severe form. Eu even had to move to parents because he stopped coping not only with his work, but also with everyday problems. 2Photos from open sources

In 1953, Gustav decided on an operation that he performed. neurosurgeon William Beecher. This specialist desperate to help Gustavus using conventional methods, proposed a complex operation, removing the temporal lobes of the brain and part of the hippocampus. After operation epileptic seizures were no longer repeated, however, arose another problem, much more serious.

The fact is that Gustav Molison stopped remembering new facts, only old information remained in his head, and events 10-20 summer ago he remembered very well. Interesting that he was able learn to play a musical instrument, and also learn how to play one computer game. True, he did not remember at all when and how he I learned this.

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Sitting down to play for the same computer game, he could not remember what is it all about, but without any problems playing it – evolved the impression that memorization was almost at the level of motor skills.

Unfortunately, all these problems put Gustav into practice. life – he had to live with his parents further, as he was able just do a simple cleaning and go to the store. At the end of his life, 2008, he thought Dwight was the president of the United States Eisenhower, and the age of himself is 40 with something years (although at the very in fact, he was already about 80 years old).

Life time

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