The meaning of Scandinavian amulets and symbols

Scandinavian amulets spread throughout Russia and European countries in the 20th century. They are still relevant, since the range of magical effects is wide. By creating compositions from talismans, you can independently attract luck, career achievements and success in your personal life.

Scandinavian amulets

Scandinavian amulets

In the myths of the Scandinavian countries, many amulets and their meanings for humanity are described. Thanks to local beliefs, the following amulets entered the world symbolism.

Wolf cross

Wolf cross This Scandinavian talisman keeps you on the road, and also allows you to find your own path in life. The owner will notice that his thoughts about professional self-realization are in a clear direction. A person will be able to achieve the set goals many times faster, and his achievements will be of great importance in the long term.

Throne of Odin

Throne of Odin He will help those who strive for material well-being. The budget will receive more funds, moreover, the owner of the amulet will learn to manage his savings, deal with problems without borrowing money from his comrades.

Sun ring

Sun ring It symbolizes family happiness. A woman will be able to understand which partner will be the ideal life partner. It is with such men that she will try to build a personal life. If the talisman is bought by a representative of the stronger sex, then his ability to provide for the family will increase. He will be able not only to make more money, but also to ensure the safety of future wives and children.

Double ax

Double ax The Scandinavian amulet is especially recommended for entrepreneurs and bosses. The magical properties of the Scandinavian talisman will allow you to wisely manage the company, invest money without risks.
Snake ring. Its purpose is to help with difficulties. The owner will be able to find a solution to any problem, regardless of its scale. This meaning of the amulet comes from a secret meaning: the inextricable connection between the beginning and the end.

Odin's Eye

Odin's Eye It is recommended to be worn by those who are just preparing for a future career. The amulet helps to distribute all information regarding old information, weed out unnecessary information. Also, if you wear a Scandinavian amulet regularly to study, you will understand which of the topics require additional deepening, and which you can skip.


It will be especially useful for those who lack the sense of purpose to complete all matters. Tasks will disappear from plans one after another. A person will be able to complete both small and large-scale projects in a short time.

Life tree

According to Scandinavian beliefs, a person who wears an amulet while alive is spiritually immortal. After physical death, his personality will find a new embodiment. Moreover, a second attempt at life in this world will be many times more successful than the previous one.

Scandinavian amulets: borrowed from cults

Particularly effective are the Scandinavian amulets, which appeared in local beliefs under the influence of the ancient Celts.


Triskele This is a powerful charm that allows you to become one with nature. It is especially useful for those who like to exercise outdoors or study outdoors. Even in an urban environment, the amulet has power, it saturates its owner with energy and productivity. Willpower will increase, thanks to which a person will do many times more, but he will not feel tired.

Celtic cross

Celtic cross This symbol helps everyone who wants to increase their productivity. Regardless of what motivation the actions have, the person will cope with them in a short time. Neither procrastination nor distracting details can stop you from achieving your goal.

Meadow nodes

Meadow nodes This is a special talisman that is familiar to everyone who practices positive thinking. This symbol of distant Scandinavia affects the brain in such a way that the owner thinks good most of his time. Bad thoughts will not slip and distract, making the world around you seem a little better than it was previously imagined.


Shamrock In the Scandinavian people they called him a helper and protector, since the amulet closes the holes in the aura. Thanks to the magical influence, no evil eye can affect life. Neither damage, nor bad words, nor slander will affect the owner of the talisman.

Charm with the Vunyo rune

Charm with the Vunyo rune He is responsible for joy, delight and other pleasant feelings. Such a Scandinavian amulet is advised to be worn by those who struggle with obsessive negative thoughts or depressed moods. The version where the rune is repeated several times or the sun consists of it will be especially powerful.

Spirit Root

In terms of magical effect, it does not differ from the Trefoil, moreover, the combination of these two amulets allows you to create even more impenetrable armor around the owner. Even strong evil eyes and love spells will not work.


It will come in handy for a modern person during important events. The amulet will protect during disputes with opponents, and also make his candidacy more acceptable to the administration.


Saxon This Scandinavian amulet has a positive effect on several areas of human life at once. It does not allow magical or other influences on the house to take effect. Also, the amulet maintains harmony in the family, prevents groundless conflicts. Thanks to this, stress resistance increases.

Great Celtic Knot

Great Celtic Knot This is a Scandinavian symbol of close relationships between people. The amulet is recommended for those who are just entering into a romantic or friendly relationship.

It will strengthen the bond between people, strengthen their affection for each other, thanks to which communication will be long-term.

Swastika with rays to the right

This is a Scandinavian talisman of strength, courage, and rapid development. It will help with career growth, striving for high goals, new opportunities.

Swastika with rays to the left

She makes a person more feminine, elegant, kind and friendly. This allows you to build relationships with others, get closer to friends.

Scandinavian symbols and signs

Particular attention should be paid to the following Scandinavian signs and symbols. They have special power, their influence on a person is great.

Helm of Terror

Helm of Terror As the Scandinavian myths say, this amulet allows you to become fearless. Neither childhood fears nor serious phobias will have an impact on the owner of the amulet.

Moreover, with serious career steps or during difficulties, a person will forget about the feeling of fear. Each step will be thought out, thanks to which the result will exceed expectations.

Thor's Hammer

Thor's Hammer The Thor's wooden hammer is a Scandinavian amulet that allows you to increase your attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex.

He will make a man in the perception of the surrounding ladies stronger, caring and kind. The girl will look more attractive, smarter and more welcoming. Through actions and mutual sympathy, people will be able to get to know each other better. At the same time, the amulet will seal their relationship.

The metal amulet will protect the owner from awkward situations. A person may not be afraid that they will look stupid or ridiculous due to the negligence or accidental actions of the people around them.


Valknut The Scandinavian amulet protects against laziness and self-doubt. Regardless of external circumstances, the owner of the amulet will be able to complete all the cases on time. Moreover, you don't have to look for motivation from the outside, it will appear inside and become an integral part of work.

This will increase the number of completed goals, which will positively affect self-esteem and self-perception.

Black Sun

Black Sun This Scandinavian amulet gives self-confidence, and also increases a person's authority among friends. The process of developing respect will take some time, but after 2-3 weeks a person will notice more approval among friends.

Respect and support will positively affect the aspirations, thanks to which the owner of the talisman will quickly achieve their goals.


Freyr A multi-colored freyr will have a positive effect on a person's mood. He will become less irritable, will more often help others, give them energy and joy. This behavior will make the owner of the amulet a real soul of the company, loved ones more often feel sympathy for him.

Black and white or unpainted Scandinavian amulet – support during difficult situations. Negative emotions will not greatly affect behavior. Anger, panic, stress and fatigue – all this seems to be removed by hand, because Frey will take them.

Tattoos in the form of Scandinavian symbols

The foreshadowed will come true, depending on which part of the body is tattooed.

  • On the left hand – this means that the influence of the amulet will spread in 1-2 weeks.
  • On the right hand – to rapid changes in life.
  • On the back – a harbinger of a significant influence of the amulet on fate already within the first week.
  • On the chest – to a delayed effect.

It's easy to let magic into your life. It is enough to buy an amulet or get a tattoo. Having previously studied the spectrum of action of the Scandinavian amulets, you can choose the one that will be optimal for a person in a certain life situation.

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