The meaning of the amulet Helm of Terror among the Slavs

From ancient times, a huge number of magical attributes have survived to the present day. Helm of Terror – this Scandinavian talisman is also called the cross of invincibility or agishjalm. Psychics and sorcerers are sure that the helmet has unlimited power.

helmet of horror guardian meaning

The history of the amulet

In the countries of Scandinavia there is an ancient legend about how the Helm of Terror appeared. It tells that the fearless warrior Sigurd decided to protect the common people from the attacks of the bloodthirsty dragon, who was called Fafnir. No man could defeat the monster.

But luck smiled at Sigurd, he defeated Fanfir. All the riches that the dragon stole, the hero gave them to their owners. He left himself only a talisman – the cross of invincibility. Since then, no enemy has been able to defeat the fearless warrior. After his death from old age, the Helm of Terror passed to his relatives.

Another legend says that the magical attribute was created by the ancient Scandinavian gods. They took the most powerful runes, connected them together and got the most powerful amulet. The gods gave it to people. Since then, anyone who believed in the power of the agishyalma could use it for their own good.

Northern warriors began to use it in different ways:

  1. They painted on the armor.
  2. Before the battle itself, an image was painted on the forehead with black paint. Therefore, the symbol began to be called 'helmet'.
  3. They were embroidered on banners that were hung on ships and in military camps.

The cross of invincibility helped to win in any battle and stay alive. This is all due to the fact that the Helm of Terror changed the inner state of the warrior.

The magical attribute helped intimidate opponents. Enemies, seeing the agishjalm, panicked and fled from the battlefield. Because they realized that a warrior with a sign does not know fear, he will fight to the death. Therefore, the talisman was nicknamed the Helm of Terror.

The meaning of the amulet Helm of Terror

The Helm of Terror is believed to be so powerful that no amulet can surpass it in this. Therefore, for the owner, the value of the amulet of the Helm of Terror is great. The talisman will add strength to its owner and protect against enemies.

The Slavs

The Slavs believed that the cross of invincibility has additional abilities. The Helm of Terror is capable of:

  1. Increase the wearer's psychic abilities. Therefore, the talisman is often used by shamans and magicians.
  2. Increase the internal reserves of the body. A person will be able to perform hard physical work for a long time without getting tired.
  3. Develop the intellectual abilities of the owner. The cross of invincibility can be worn by students both in schools and universities.
  4. Help find your purpose in life. Agishyalm is worth having for people striving for self-development.
  5. Help increase income without the owner having to work harder or harder.

Psychics believe that with the help of a talisman, you can find an exemplary partner. Therefore, the fairer sex can turn to the amulet for help in their personal lives.

helmet of horror protected the meaning of the Slavs

Who can wear agishyalm

The amulet on which the Helm of Terror is inscribed can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender or age. It is especially recommended to have it for people:

  • holding managerial positions;
  • constantly making complex and balanced decisions;
  • participating in the resolution of conflicts and disputes.

The Scandinavian amulet can become an invisible shield that protects against negative energy coming from ill-wishers. But you should know that you should not constantly wear the cross of invincibility. The Helm of Terror is only worn when strong outside support is required.

The meaning of the runes that make up the Helm of Terror

The classic cross of invincibility consists of four runes Algiz (the word from Scandinavian is translated as 'divine protection'). They are protective symbols. In the magic assistant, the signs are located crosswise, which several times enhances their power.

Dread Helmet Appearance

Although the name of the amulet is rather formidable, its appearance is not frightening. By itself, the magic assistant looks like straight lines intersecting at one point, the same length and decorated with the same ornament.

Varieties of the agishyalm symbol

After gaining the Helm of Terror, mages and shamans tried to enhance its power by connecting different symbols together. Various-looking magical helpers appeared that have survived to this day. In different eras, the amulet had a different number of straight lines, but it was simply always a multiple of four.

  1. The most ancient version consists of four Algiz runes and looks like 12 straight lines (with parallel lines) intersecting at one point. Such a Helm of Terror protected the soldiers from death during the battle.
  2. A talisman with a circle in the center protected from curses and evil eyes.
  3. A similar amulet, complemented by circles on straight lines, was considered the most powerful in its effect. Historians claim that the Helm of Terror has Slavic roots.

Often the cross of invincibility is enclosed in a circle consisting of Scandinavian runic letters.

How to activate and use the amulet

In order for the magical attribute to begin to fulfill its purpose, it must be activated. The process consists in first clearly articulating your desire for yourself, which the amulet should help to realize.

And the time during which this goal should be realized. Only after that it is necessary to pronounce the words of the conspiracy: 'The cross of invincibility helps me to fulfill (indicate the goal in simple words). I charge the agishyalm with power. '

A person who decides to resort to the help of the Helm of Terror should remember that the helmet has powerful energy. You should interact with it carefully.

If the goal was formulated incorrectly, then it is not known what result the action of the talisman will lead to. Therefore, in order not to break the wood, to activate the amulet, you should contact a psychic.

The cross of invincibility is worn in different ways:

  1. Body jewelry. Various agishjalm jewelry can be purchased. It is better if the jewelry is made of noble silver.
  2. Image on clothing or headwear. You can draw it yourself or contact the artist.
  3. Tattoos. The symbol is applied to the working arm or lower leg, back of the head, near the heart.

Do not forget that the talisman means strength and power. Its owner begins to interact with others more aggressively and stricter. Close and dear ones do not always like it.

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