The meaning of the guardian of the eyes of Fatima

There are a lot of Muslim amulets that protect the wearer from troubles and negative magical effects. The most popular and effective amulet is Fatima's eye, which can help in any unpleasant life situation.

In markets in Turkey, you can see round blue glass products that look like eyeballs. They can be a talisman for adults and children. The main thing is to know how to use them correctly, how to wear them.

eye of fatima amulet

The meaning of the guardian of the eyes of Fatima

Today it is believed that the eye of Fatima is a Turkish amulet. However, its history is much older. The image of the blue eye is found on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids. Researchers believe that the eye is one of the oldest magical symbols.

The amulet spread from Muslim countries around the world. Today it is used as a wearable decoration, hung in homes and vehicles. When worn on the body, the eye, also called Nazar, attracts good luck, helps to heal faster from colds and other diseases. When placed in a house, it protects the family from misfortunes and negative external influences.

Expert Opinion Kanti Gauri Carmologist, parapsychologist In an office space, a talisman makes a successful business. When paired, the talisman creates a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman. That is, the value of the magical eye is great, contributing to the achievement of harmony by a person with himself and the world around him.

It is recommended to wear the talisman for sick people, pregnant girls, children, as well as for prosperous people who probably have envious people and ill-wishers. To maintain its effectiveness, the amulet must be periodically cleaned.

Cleaning is simple: the glass product is washed under running water and wiped off with a towel. It is advisable to carry out the procedure every week.

You should know that the larger the product, the greater the magical power. A small eye should be worn on the body, but in a home you can hang a large and richly decorated amulet.

How the amulet works

Muslims believe that the talisman of the eyes of Fatima has the strongest protective effect. With it you can:

  • protect yourself from damage and dark magical effects, return the sent negative back (a talisman suspended on a red thread has a particularly strong protective property);
  • gain self-confidence, get rid of a violent character, emotional imbalance, contradictory desires and aspirations;
  • prevent accidents and other emergencies;
  • strengthen intuition in achieving the set goals, prevent wrong steps;
  • strengthen feelings between lovers, protect relationships from an envious eye (a talisman made by a girl for her beloved boyfriend is especially strong in this regard);
  • harmonize marital relations, increase the chance of conception;
  • protect the baby from negative effects (if hung in the children's room);
  • to protect residential, office, retail premises from negative energy brought with visitors;
  • attract financial well-being.

Appearance and properties

The blue eye is a glass (less often plastic) blue round product. A white circle is drawn in the center, and a black circle (pupil) is drawn in it.

It is possible to make a talisman from glass, but it is difficult. To do this, you need to know the technique of glass blowing. It's easier to sculpt a piece of decorative clay or carve it out of wood. But why do this if a ready-made talisman can be purchased at almost any outlet. Pendants, bracelets, key rings, wall decorations are made of blue eyes.

amulet of fatima's eyes

The main task of the purchased product is to protect the owner from the evil eye and negative magical effects. Many people buy jewelry to get rid of a lingering illness, to protect themselves from accidents and accidents.

The eye of Fatima is often made as an element of another Muslim amulet – the hand of Fatima, which is worn to gain tranquility and peace of mind.

How to wear a charm correctly

The effect of Fatima's eye is unaffected by constant wear. Moreover, the effect of the amulet is stronger if the owner does not hide it under clothes, but leaves it in plain sight.

It happens that after some time of wearing, the talisman fades and even cracks. This means that he fulfilled his function: he saved the owner from serious danger. The same can be said about the lost Nazar. The broken product is buried in the ground with gratitude for the help. Then a new piece of jewelry is purchased.

In order for the action of Fatima's eye as a talisman to be effective, you need to know how to use an object for each specific purpose:

  • to increase the flow of finance, the amulet is placed near the safe or placed on the desktop (it is advisable to purchase a money tree made of metal, hung with glass eyes);
  • to protect a retail or office space from negativity, the product is hung on the wall in an open place;
  • to protect the dwelling from the negative energy coming from outside, the amulet is hung near the front door;
  • to maintain harmony in the family, a considerable product is placed on the wall in any room;
  • to conceive a healthy child, the amulet is placed in the bedroom above the bed;
  • to protect against accidents, motorists purchase a key ring in the shape of Fatima's eye or hang the product in the cabin;
  • for personal protection from the evil eye and negative energy, the amulet is worn in the form of any decoration or clings in a conspicuous place on clothing.

Who can wear the talisman

Fatima's eye amulet is universal. It is worn by adults and children, placed in residential and non-residential premises, in any vehicles. Mostly the talisman is recommended for pregnant women, young children and sick people – people whose energy is weak and subject to negative effects.

It is advisable to adhere to the following rules for wearing an amulet:

  • women carrying a child should pin the guardian of Fatima's eyes to clothing with a pin;
  • to protect a newborn baby from unkind looks, an amulet with a red or blue ribbon is put on the wrist (this practice is widespread in Muslim countries);
  • it is recommended for an adult man to purchase a Turkish eye in the form of a pendant, constantly wear it on his chest (it is advisable to choose a larger piece of jewelry);
  • lovers should purchase the same jewelry for each other in order to protect the relationship from envious people and rivals;
  • girls can do a manicure with Fatima's eye (the amulet is effective in any form, even as a nail art).

More often than not, people attach a small piece of clothing with a pin to their clothing. This is the most comfortable and discreet wearing option.

The oriental amulet is popular all over the world. It not only effectively protects from the evil eye and negative energy, but also helps to achieve success in business and financial well-being, and ensures harmony in family life. However, it must be borne in mind that the talisman of Fatima does not help a person who harbors malicious intent, envies other people and seeks to harm them.

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