The meaning of the signs and symbols of the Templar cross

It is believed that the more ancient a magic symbol, the stronger its influence on a person. Therefore, in order to receive serious help from higher powers, many turn to the talismans of the XII-XIII centuries. It was at this time that a religious association of knights flourished, an important amulet of which was the sign of the Templars.

Modern man can also count on the influence of the symbols of this order, but for this it is necessary to carefully read the rules.

templar cross meaning

The value of the Templar cross

One of the most popular symbols among people is the Templar cross, the meaning of which is inextricably linked with the concepts of loyalty, honor and nobility. It is recommended to wear such a charm:

  • Judges and police officers. Thanks to the effect of the amulet, government officials will be able to carry out their professional duties in accordance with the laws.
  • Servicemen. The symbol will guide the owner on the right path. With the help of magical influence, he will be able to act humanely and in accordance with unspoken moral standards.
  • Teachers and mentors. They will give birth to a desire to invest their whole soul in students. Thanks to dedication, the results of the pupils will increase significantly, while the wisdom of the teacher will only grow.
  • All believers. The sign is suitable for both Catholics and Orthodox Christians, since in the days of early Christianity significant differences were not yet established between these directions. The talisman will help the owner always act according to his conscience, not forgetting about the commandments and church norms.

Signs and Symbols

Various signs of the Order of the Knights Templar refer people to ancient times – the XII century. This is a special period in history when the religious ideas of the early Christian teachings were strong over the people.

Due to the strong connection of symbolism with higher powers, amulets helped their owners, regardless of the situation. If a modern man wholeheartedly believes in the power of signs, they will generously reward him and grant free help.

  1. Bulla depicting two armed horsemen on one horse. This seal was often used as a proof of the order's unity. Despite the local differences of the Templars, they followed common ideals, which united them. Such a symbol is often used for paired jewelry or talismans as a sign of community and mutual support of two or more people.
  2. Temple stamp. This symbol has a religious meaning. He points to the Christian ideals of the Templars who acted in accordance with the teachings of Christ.
  3. Pentagram. Despite the fact that in the following centuries this symbol was associated with the devil, it was important for the Templars. The sign could be found only among the representatives of living nature, so it began to denote a conscious existence. Also, the star was often used to encrypt letters, because such a designation was easy to draw without removing the pen from the paper.
  4. Inverted pentagram. In the XIII-XIV centuries, the symbol was used to indicate the resurrection of Christ. The representatives of the order believed that everyone who protected their armor with such a sign would find a way to the kingdom of eternal life and would be accepted by God as a defender and valiant warrior.
  5. Symbol of Baphomet. It is an inverted star with a goat head on top of it. The meaning of the symbol became widely known after the Templar process. It was believed that the defamed pentagram was used during satanic rites. Later, she became associated with protection from enemies and traitors.
  6. Bee or figured outline of the body of an insect. In early Christian beliefs, such a symbol denoted pure faith despite poverty. Despite the poor living conditions and difficult situations, people continued to praise God, for which they received a place in paradise. The bee on the armor pointed to those knights who left their family in poverty.
  7. Rose flower. A flower means desires that come from the very heart. The sign was a confirmation that a person enters the Templar Order of his own free will. Also, it was the rose that the knights used during rituals of forgiveness for the murder of people and the destruction of cities.
  8. Plants with flowers or berries. This sign indicated rich or noble knights. It was believed that thanks to the symbol, the armor even better protected the knight from a privileged family.

templar coat of arms


In the XII-XIV centuries, the Templars used different coats of arms. Symbolism depended not only on local differences between representatives of the order, but also on the goals that the Templars pursued at one time or another.

  • Equal cross. This sign was most often a personal designation of the war's belonging to the order. The Templars made such talismans from precious metals, and then used them as one of the important decorations of armor. The middle was most often painted over black, and the edges remained silver or gold. This signified anger and hatred towards the enemies of Christ. Each of the warriors kept these feelings inside, but when meeting with the enemy, he was ready to throw out evil emotions for the benefit of a higher goal.
  • Toe cross, also known as pate cross. He is known as one of the first distinctive marks of the Knights Templar. Most often, swords or sabers are depicted on it. The coat of arms indicated the determination of the soldiers. They are ready for any sacrifices during battles in order to get what they want. At the same time, the ornament around edged weapons symbolizes nobility and loyalty to the highest ideals. Despite the situation, the Templar should not be released to unworthy or immoral acts.
  • Red cross on a white background. Whereas the previous coats of arms were most often in black and white versions, later images featured a scarlet sign. Thanks to the combination of shades, the coat of arms had a new meaning. White is the color of truth, purity and good intentions. He pointed out that the Templars acted in accordance with the conscience and command of God, and their aspirations are selfless. Red indicated honor, courage and pride. In addition, it signified the readiness of each of the soldiers to die in battle for Christian ideals.

All three crosses are connected by the idea of ​​the unity of 4 elements. We are talking about the cardinal points, and the apostles, and the seasons, and the elements. In many life situations, the Templars noticed the combination of four parts, so they tried to put the same idea into the basis of their order.

How to wear an amulet correctly

There are rules on how to properly use modern Knights Templar pieces to unleash their power.

  1. Pentagram talismans should be worn around the neck or as badges on the chest. So they will have a direct connection with the owner's heart, respectively, the sign will have a greater impact on his fate.
  2. Jewelry with coats of arms or any other signs of the knights is recommended to be worn on the wrists or in the ears. So they will protect the most important parts of the human body and direct his thoughts in the right direction.
  3. Attributes with the symbols of the order will have power only if they are located on the upper body. Patches or items of clothing located on the belt or legs will remain just beautiful images, but their strength will not affect the life of the wearer.
  4. Templar coats of arms most often did not combine with each other, therefore, even now it is not recommended to combine symbols with the image of two different crosses. This will cause dissonance between the amulets. They not only will not help the owner, and can not harm him in the struggle for the dominant position.

Templar symbolism activation ritual

After purchasing one of the Templar symbols, you must activate it. To do this, use a transparent glass of water, tinted red or black. It is necessary to dip the amulet in liquid, and then say three times the motto of the order: 'Not for us, Lord, not for us, but in the name of the glory of Your name.'

After the ritual, it is advised not to pour water into the sink, but to water the plants with it. If the liquid is used for the benefit of someone else's life, then the strength of the Templar sign will increase.

The order of the religious knights did not last long. Moreover, it fell apart due to a trial during which apostates from Christian teachings were accused. Because of this, many believe that symbolic amulets are overshadowed by the power of Satan.

However, the point is not at all who controls the magical powers of the signs. If you believe in goodness and live by moral standards, the symbols of the Templars will help their owner.

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