The meaning of the Slavic amulet and the symbol of God Chur

Among the protective symbols, the amulet Chur stands out for its remarkable power. He personifies the grandson of Svarog – the most important god of the Slavs. In order for such an amulet to work at full capacity, you need to make it yourself, clean it and charge it.


The meaning of the Chur symbol

Connoisseurs of folk wisdom believe that the god Chur is on the border of two worlds, governs brownies, protects not only the body, property, but also the soul of a person.

Our ancestors used Chur for different purposes:

  1. Served as protection from evil spirits. In a moment of danger, a man cried out: 'Chur, not me!', And the trouble bypassed. The man, as it were, protected himself with a magic circle, which the evil could not cross.
  2. Helped get the property. When the supreme god instructed his grandson to dispose of the expanses in good conscience, during the distribution of land, people shouted: “Chur, me!”, And secured the right to own the allotment for themselves.
  3. By means of it, borders, boundaries were designated. Carved a symbol on the border posts.
  4. With its help, a place for carrying out magical rituals was cleared.
  5. In a figurative sense, the word 'shy away' was used, which meant a desire to isolate oneself from contacts with a certain person or company of people. So they expressed dissatisfaction, disapproval.

The value of the Chur amulet is versatile, it suits all people (regardless of gender, age, zodiac sign):

  • protects property, especially land plots;
  • protects the home from fire, flooding and robbers;
  • contributes to filling the house with well-being, prosperity;
  • helps to bring all the work started to the end;
  • protects against the evil eye (relevant for children), generic curses, negative influences, slander of bad people;
  • helps in work, contributes to obtaining increased profits (used by businessmen);
  • protects the soul from the influence of evil spirits (needed by those who are in a difficult situation);
  • helps to penetrate the depths of the wisdom of ancestors;
  • protects the family from want, poverty, ruin (used by the man – the head of the family);
  • helps relatives to establish good relations with each other (it is necessary for women – keepers of the family hearth).

If you are afraid of deception, have been subjected to unfair treatment and have lost faith in your own strength, the Chur amulet will save you.

Who helps

The Chur amulet will help not every person. To count on the protection of the ancient Slavic symbol, you need to be:

  • an honest person;
  • do not wish harm to others;
  • work hard;
  • achieve everything on your own.


The Chur amulet is worn on the body to protect it from the evil eye outside the home, to attract good luck, to comprehend wisdom. The talisman is also put in a pocket, purse, bag – this helps to attract material well-being. To guard the house, the amulet is placed indoors, but so that it is hidden from prying eyes.

Depending on the placement, the symbol performs certain functions:

  • over the threshold – protects from enemies, attracts good guests;
  • in the living room – helps to establish contacts with visitors at home;
  • in the nursery – endows the child with health, happiness;
  • over the bed – relieves insomnia;
  • in the center of the room – protects the room from theft, fire;
  • among jewels – attracts wealth;
  • in a pregnant room – promotes the birth of a healthy baby;
  • next to clothes (in a closet, on a hanger) – protects both housing and a person, since things
  • are charged and continue to influence the owner when he is away from home.

A charm in the form of a figurine of a man who stands on his hips in a confident pose is made of different materials (silver, bronze, brass, clay, wood, fabric). The silver amulet has the greatest power.

It is best to do the amulet yourself (you can just draw three rhombuses with lines on any object). If the amulet is bought in a store, it must be rinsed with water, and the wooden product must be cleaned with salt.

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