The modern young genius believes that Stephen Hawking and Einstein were wrong: God is

The modern young genius believes that Stephen Hawking and Einstein were wrong: God is.A photo from open sources

Attributing oneself to atheists was “fashionable” among scholars of the past century. However, not only the past, but also the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, and the great Albert Einstein called themselves that way – atheists, that is, people who either do not fully believe, or deeply doubt the idea of ​​the Almighty, as the creator of all things in the Universe.

But here’s the interesting part: today they are starting to make their way completely other sprouts, that is, a new generation of brilliant people is growing up – great scientists of the future. And characteristically, they do not just believe in God, and they promise to prove it soon from a scientific point of view, thereby refuting the assertions of atheists and at the same time managing combine science and faith in the Almighty.

Among such young talents and 11-year-old William Mailis – son Greek preacher who began to speak full he was already 7 months old with sentences, and by the age of two he could read, write and produce fairly complex arithmetic operations.

At 9, a Pennsylvania prodigy graduated from high school and Today is studying for astrophysics at Carnegie Mellon University. His dream: to know the Universe more deeply than its predecessors in order to prove the existence of God, and to prove it is not allegations of religious leaders, and scientifically and intelligibly for every inhabitant of the Earth.

A photo from open sources

According to William, proving that there is no God requires much more faith than understanding that everything in this world is created To the Almighty. But atheistic propaganda, like religious dogma, did their dark deed, and therefore modern man in mostly – atheist, and it doesn’t matter, he goes to church, prays or not, – he has no inner belief that the root cause and the first principle of all things is God.

Here is this gap in the consciousness and education of a person of the 21st century. Young a genius and wants to fill with true content – co-knowledge. For example, he is confident that previous claims that the universe infinite in space and at the same time appeared approximately 14 billion years – contradict each other. Everything in the universe infinitely, including the time that is perceived atheist scientists are completely wrong, but in fact here but infinity, and therefore the Universe does not, and cannot be age. There may be only some kind of “movement”, “change”, but in no way the birth of “nothing”, because God, as the first principle all things, including space and time, – endlessly.

That’s all this young talent and will prove to us in the future, comprehending first of all not the basics of modern science, but universal laws in order to convey them to each and everyone the simplest and most understandable language – not religious and not scientific, but divine …

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