The most abnormal roads in the world

On October 25, 1930, The New York Times announced an amazing incident on a motorway in Saxony. At the same time, the engines of 40 cars stalled on the road. This track also famous for unexplained major accidents. We have done A selection of the most abnormal roads in the world.

1. All 40 cars on the motorway in Saxony stalled at the same time and, despite all efforts, the owners could not make. Also unexpectedly (and also simultaneously) in an hour motors suddenly earned. Well, if there were anomalies on the track, only related to vehicle breakdown.

But this road is also known for frequent major accidents, which occurred for unknown reasons. One of the last cases occurred in January 2012. 25 cars had an accident, neither ice nor fog was observed on the freeway at this time. A truck wedged between two cars and the drivers of these cars failed to manage. One man died, several more have suffered.

2. In the state of New Mexico, near Albuquerque, there are the highway, which locals call the “road to nowhere.” Since 2000, only according to official data disappeared without a trace 17 people passing through it. State Police and Office of for a long time they did not want to talk about tourism for fifteen kilometers segment of the highway, where some drivers mysteriously disappeared, and in in some cases whole families.

Track Albuquerque

The most abnormal roads of the worldA photo from open sources

But soon the mystical disappearances of people brought this situation to critical point, and hiding the facts has become simply impossible. The road leads to the San Mateo massif, where it ends. Once a whole family from Chicago disappeared there – spouses Millie and Thomas Woldrug and their children – son Joe and daughter Lisa.

The American wanted only a little ride along the road with children while her husband reads a newspaper over a cup of coffee, but no one else did not see. Many detectives, scientists, and even psychics have tried solve the mystery of the disappearance of people, but all their attempts were vain, and the ill-fated road received the nickname “land Bermuda Triangle”.

3. Bolivia also has a strange road. She has long been received notoriety. She was nicknamed “Dear Devil” (Carreterra del diablo “). According to the occultists, this place belongs to places with frequent disappearance and death of people and animals.

The track makes a painful impression, especially at night. There with two cars drive hard, often it rains and poor visibility due to the fog. In addition, the road passes over the abyss. Indians They say about this route: “Whoever goes there will find his death.” it the place was considered damned even before the landing of Europeans here. Now “Devil’s Road” is a cemetery of cars, they are not cleaned. At least one week happens on this site fatal accident.

4. “Dear Satan,” nicknamed the state highway Arkansas (USA), which has an incredible number of legends. “The road of Satan,” or as it is also called road number 666, a long time ago earned a bad reputation in the eyes of motorists, for at the request of which she was even assigned a special number – “Road No. 191”. The track became famous for numerous accidents, despite the fact that on it there are no dangerous turns, nor any complex interchanges.

A photo from open sources

When one local took on the cause of the accident parapsychologist. He found out: most of the accidents were due to fault a 30s black limousine with a skull on its radiator with bones. Drivers began to call it the “Black sign”, as he appeared like a ghost out of nowhere on moonless nights or in rainy and foggy weather.

Drivers of the “black ghost” most often become heavy vehicles. They tried to find a black limousine, but it turned out that he was not registered anywhere. That’s for sure, it seems The owner of the car is Satan himself.

5. The highway between Bremen and Bremerhaven was opened in January 1929. It was much wider than the previous one. roads and was considered safer and more comfortable for movement motorists. However, quite a bit of time has passed, and this highway they began to call it very strange, or even a marked devil.

The fact is that there were a lot of inexplicable events on it. disasters, and almost all of them were concentrated in the area road sign “239 km”. Those drivers who were lucky to stay alive, the police told very strange stories. All unanimously reiterated that, approaching the sign, they felt like some invisible intercepted their car force.

It got to the point that on September 7, 1930 the sign turned upside down nine cars at once, and this happened on a dry highway and with a clear the weather. German scientists tried to explain what caused tragedy is the electromagnetic effect of an underground road, however, they have no evidence in favor of this version It was.

Perhaps the tragedy on this section of the road could be explained only some mystical reasons. And in fact, it was worth remove the ill-fated road sign and sprinkle this holy place water, like all inexplicable disasters magic wands ceased.

Bermuda Triangle Drivers Time

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