The most amazing person on the planet does not age for 16 years

The most amazing person on the planet has not been aging for 16 yearsA photo from open sources In Germany, in the city of Halle lives an unusual and one of the most amazing people on the planet, his name is Jacob Tsiperovich. The essence of his story is this: in 1979, as a result of poisoning, this person experienced a state of clinical death. Clinical death lasted one hour or so, which itself it’s absolutely impossible, because the cells of the cerebral cortex die 3-5 minutes after cardiac arrest, but the most this is not interesting, but the fact that he woke up a week after what happened, this man lost his ability to sleep – and not only to sleep, he could not even lie down. All he had to do was accept horizontal position, as some force literally threw up him up, and it lasted 16 years. And all these 16 years he was in a state of absolute insomnia, which, in terms of medicine and in general, all of our knowledge of man is impossible. In 1995, he started yoga, and through meditation and other oriental practitioner he managed to make his body take horizontal position, but not more than 2-3 hours. But the most unusual in this whole story is that all these years this man absolutely does not change externally. Now he is 51 years old, but he is over 25 impossible to give, and this leads to certain thoughts. But most important after experiencing clinical death his temperature body does not rise above 34 degrees. Many experts believe that this is the reason for his youth. Unfortunately, German science as well as the Russian one, it cannot say 100% about this nothing.

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