The most dangerous and mysterious places of the World the ocean

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Although the Bermuda Triangle is the most famous place in which seagoing ships mysteriously disappear, it is far from the only paranormal territory, the open spaces of which securely keep their secrets. What other places in the oceans considered the most dangerous and mysterious?

Michigan triangle and the missing in the ocean

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It is located in central Lake Michigan, whose coastal the line covers Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Michigan Triangle Accused of Mysterious Disappearances crew members of ships and aircraft. Some of the mysterious eyewitnesses accidents claim that while swimming in the waters paranormal zone time is accelerating, then vice versa, begins slow down.

The status of the strange place “Michigan Triangle” received back in 1937. It was at this time, crossing the waters of the lake, the captain of the ship, George Donner, mysteriously disappeared. On the eve of Donner ordered the crew to wake him when the ship will approach the port. What was the surprise of the team when later for three hours they discovered an empty cabin, the door of which was securely locked inside.

And in 1950, on the way from Seattle to New York over the waters “Michigan Triangle” passenger plane disappeared without a trace 58 people on board. I don’t find either an airplane or passengers managed.

Sea of ​​the Devil in Japan

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The mysterious “Devil’s Sea”, also known as the Pacific The Bermuda Triangle, located in the Pacific Ocean about 40 kilometers south of Tokyo. Because of ancient dragon legends many people in Japan call it the “Dragon Triangle.”

Charles Berlitz, author of a book describing this strange place, narrates that the triangle was officially considered “dead” place “after in its waters in peacetime (1952-1954 years) five warships went missing.

Despite the fact that studies have confirmed that due to weather conditions near Japan every year disappear without a trace hundreds of fishing boats, locals still prefer to believe in paranormality of the “Dragon Triangle”.

Sargasso Sea

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Since this sea is located in the middle of the northern part Atlantic Ocean, it is the only sea that does not has its own shores. Surrounded by ocean currents, Sargassovo the sea attracts trash and overgrows with algae. because of algae, garbage accumulations and isolation created by currents, the water in the sea is very warm and calm, despite the fact that the sea surrounded by the changing and cold waters of the ocean.

This serenity of the sea holds mystical secrets. On the the territory of the Sargasso Sea, several drifting ships without crew. For example, in 1840, French trade the ship “Rosalie” set sail across the Sargasso Sea, and later was discovered with sails raised, but without crew members on board.

In an attempt to explain these mysterious disappearances, scientists 19 centuries have suggested that algae of the anomalous zone of the sea are carnivorous. Many people still believe that it is the algae that supposedly able to absorb the whole people, are guilty of these strange disappearances …

Bermuda Triangle

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The territory of the Bermuda Triangle is located in northwestern atlantic triangle which are defined by points in Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. This place has long had a reputation for being mysterious, paranormal zone. In the Bermuda Triangle, not only massively boats, ships, planes disappear – many also have slopes to consider, that it contains a portal to a parallel dimension.

For the first time, this mystical place attracted attention in December 1945, when during the exercises five disappeared without a trace US aircraft. They lost their radio connection and disappeared off the coast. South Florida. However, before completely disappearing, one of pilots managed to report that the aircraft’s devices were “crazy”, and management failed.

Bermuda Triangle Water Time Aircraft Japan

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