The most mysterious eclipse of the sun

The most mysterious eclipse of the sunPhotos from open sources of

In the north of the Tyumen region, on the Yamal Peninsula, exactly seventy-eight years ago, namely on the same September day, only in 1938 there was a strange eclipse of the sun, which then will be called “black day”.

Geologists who witnessed this mysterious phenomenon, told that on a clear day suddenly almost instantly total darkness came. At the same time, all communication ceased, even radio waves did not make their way to the peninsula, at least people could not tune a single radio station: it seemed that the whole world extinct.

Confused and hoping for help, geologists released into the sky how many signal flares, and then to their surprise they found that the earth is covered by some strange black clouds hanging on relatively low altitude and not transmitting sunlight. At this no one noticed how and where these clouds brought, they are more they looked like a dark veil, suddenly thrown to the ground. Wherein no precipitation was noticed.

The mysterious eclipse lasted about an hour, after which weird the clouds suddenly disappeared, again in the blink of an eye, that is, none of geologists did not see this fantastic cover spread by the wind. And if we assume that people are inattentive and therefore not tracked how terrible clouds inflicted on the sky, then suggest that no one noticed how they were carried away, it doesn’t work: geologists almost stood, looking up, in the hope that all this hell will be over soon.

As soon as the black veil disappeared, a connection appeared, earned radio stations. Scientists still cannot explain this mysterious phenomenon. Ufologists, for example, associate it with activities aliens. Some tend to think that maybe the military experienced some kind of secret weapon, allowing like this neutralize the enemy. But the latter is unlikely, otherwise the USSR �I would definitely use such weapons against the Nazis. Generally, the riddle of the Yamal eclipse has not been solved so far …

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