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Do you think that the weight of 120 kg is a lot? Yes you slender! Venus! If a man is Apollo! A world full of people weighing 200, 300, 400kg! That’s just the right thing to worry about. weight.

Championship title that does not please

John Brower Minnock has been obese since childhood. At 12 years old, his weight amounted to 132kg, in 22 – 178kg. At 37, John took the bar 634kg and up still officially considered the hardest person ever living on earth. It took to get him to the hospital to develop a whole operation involving firefighters and rescuers.

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He was taken to the University of Washington Medical Center. 16 months of a special diet – and Minnock lost 2/3 of his weight: more than 400 kg. Doctors were sure that John continued by diet, will reduce another 70-80 kilograms and even if not as slim as cypress, but just moderately plump man.

Alas, not a year has passed, as the 432-kilogram Minnok again brought to the hospital. In 1983, through the efforts of doctors, John lost 70 kg. Perhaps doctors would have achieved more, but the body of the “giant” was tired fight and September 10, 1983 Minnock died.

Hard fight Michael Hebranco

At age 16, Michael ate a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread at lunch, drinking all this in syrup. And only after this “warm-up” began real food. No wonder Michael weighed 160kg at 16. IN In 1976, he weighed 411 kg, but his friend Madeleine didn’t consider that it’s a lot and got married to a donut. The marriage turned out to be happy.

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In 1990, a happy family man came to grips with his own weight. Diet, exercise, surgical removal of fat by – after 19 months Hebranco weighed 90kg! Book of records Guinness brought this achievement to its pages.

Over the next 7 years, Michael scored 400kg back, and then he added 50 more to them. In 1990, he crossed the line of 500kg. Michael again got into a fight with himself and beat his own the record, reducing weight from 500 to 80 kg, re-entering the Guinness Book. He died in April 2013, weighing 250 kg.

Manuel Uribe: never give up!

Manuel, according to him, began to rapidly gain weight from the age of 20. In 2001, he could no longer move independently, his the apartment became a prison for him.

In 2007, the 560 kg Uribe was officially recognized as the most the hardest of people living on the planet. Adhering to worked out for his diet Manuel lost by 2008 to 380kg. and for the first time in many years went outside. Manuel continued to fight and lost every month kilograms.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Among the social security workers who provided care, was Claudia Solis, who came to cut Manuel’s nails and hair. Acquaintance grew into friendship. In 2008, Manuel picked up and courage and made Claudia an offer that she accepted. Claudia’s relatives were shocked, but the woman did not decide changed: “He is not fat at all, only 330 kg!” To the ceremony Manuel’s registration was brought to a wedding-decorated bed. TO 2011 with exercise and diet breaking a bunch temptations, Manuel reduced his weight to 187kg. Died in 2014 with weighing about 390kg.

This is love!

At age 20, Paul Mason lost his father. Death had a big impact on young man, a nervous breakdown was expressed in overeating. In 2001, Paul crossed both 40-year and 400-kilogram milestones and was officially recognized as the hardest man in the UK that his however, not at all pleased.

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In 2010, 50-year-old Mason met on the Internet with 40 year old Rebecca Mountain from the USA. And fell in love. Between him and Rebecca lay not only thousands of kilometers, but also hundreds of kilograms – Rebecca was just miniature and weighed 50kg.

Paul decided to undergo a gastric bypass surgery in two years threw off more than 300kg. 145 kg Paul lost the title but no regrets about that. Currently lives in the USA with Rebecca.

The most non-standard fashion model

Tess Munster, like many other girls, dreamed of becoming fashion model. Only now in the notorious 90-60-90 she did not fit and close. At a modeling agency in Atlanta, where she arrived at her the first casting she was told bluntly that the fashion model’s career is not for her. “What do you want to say that I’m fat ?!” she was indignant Tess – Yes, I’m only 150kg in me! ”

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She posted her portfolio of all sites for professional fashion models. In 2011, her photo caught the eye of someone from работников телеканала A&E и упорную девушку пригласили наreality show on how to fight obesity. It was not what Tess dreamed, but the girl decided not to appear on television miss. In the few minutes that the presenters gave her, Tess managed to be remembered by the audience. After the show, her dream: she began to receive offers from various model agencies.

Of course, time also played a role: the model industry decided to pay attention to women of large dimensions, The West has recently become more and more. But! Full there are tens of thousands of girls, many of them probably secretly dreamed about model career, but only one became a model.

In 2015, Miss Tess Munster became Mrs. Holliday, gave birth son. Today Tess Holliday – Model Fashion Agency MiLK Model Management, her photo appeared on the Vogue page. Tess considers herself happy and extra pounds do not interfere with her at all.

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