The murdered man moved into the body of the girl to tell the truth

Catanzaro is an unremarkable mountainous town terrain of Italy. At least he was like that until a few of his residents were not drawn into a mystical story, above the explanation which unsuccessfully rack their brains for several generations. IN 1936 the body of the handsome Giuseppe (or “Pepe”, as everyone called him) Veraldi was discovered under a bridge in Catanzaro. No trace pointing to violent death was not found, so the townspeople came to the general conclusion that Pepe committed suicide. Everything except family – they could not even imagine a single reason why Pepe it might have occurred to rush off the bridge. Photos from open sources

Three years later, through the place under the bridge where they found the poor fellow Pepe, there was a teenage girl named Maria Talarico, and … lost consciousness. For no reason. She was picked up, carried home and soon the girl came to, but … Mary’s voice became noticeable lower, and was now more like a man. Someone guessed ask her name and, to the amazement of others, she replied: “Pepe Veraldi. ”

After that, the girl expressed a desire to talk with her mother the late Pepe. While running after her, Mary demanded to bring wine, cigarettes, playing cards and began to persuade dumbfounded relatives and acquaintances play a little game with her. She talked with neighbors as with old friends, although before that the incident was not even familiar with some. Mrs. arrived in time. Veraldi was shocked to hear the voice coming from a young girl son. Maria / Pepe told (a) that he was killed and even named (a) the names the guys who did it. Talking about the crime, girl I jumped out of the house and hurriedly ran back – under the bridge. For her Mrs. Veraldi and other witnesses of this strange fled reincarnation. Arriving, Mary lay exactly in the place where she lost consciousness. After a while, the girl came to her senses. This time she was herself and did not remember anything about her reincarnation in Pepe. Another nine years passed, and Mrs. Veraldi received a letter from one of his son’s former friends – Luigi (Toto) Marcete, who soon after Pepe’s death moved from Italy to Argentina. The letter contained the confession that he and three friends killed Pepe because of a woman. The names coincided with those that Mary called during her the mysterious trance. One of the killers by that time was already dead, Luigi himself lived in a country that did not give out criminals, so he was completely safe. The two remaining were arrested and answered in all severity of the law. It remains to add that Mary Talarico had never met the murdered Pepe, and her secret temporary “obsession” and remained unsolved. Italy time Bridges

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