The mysterious “Baltic anomaly” continues to worry researchers

MysteriousA photo from open sources

We have written more than once about the mysterious object that we discovered researchers of the Swedish Ocean X team in 2011 in the Baltic the sea, an object very similar to a crashed “flying saucer” aliens.

Just do not need to build on only external resemblance this strange anomaly with an alien device (see photo), divers even at the first meeting with that underwater puzzle struck much more, for example, that within a radius of two hundred meters from “Baltic anomaly” all communication disappears, stops working scuba equipment and even turn off the lights. Later Survey of a mysterious object by “Ocean X” (independent scientists returned here more than once) confirmed the guesses Swedes, that this is a ship of unearthly origin. To the facts the mysterious failure of any equipment and communications near it added analysis of the sample taken from this supposedly stone, as official science claims, and he, according to geologist Steve Weiner – not earthly nature.

Despite this, academic science comes forward every year with a statement that this is some kind of geological formation, for example, current (most recent) statement by Stockholm scholars University, according to Express, clearly: it’s easy nature worked. The black stone itself is most likely volcanic origin, but fantastic furrows and “stairs” on it – Traces of a once retreating glacier. Yeah they’re a little weird these traces, but nothing more …

Recall that last year, scientists referred to at least samples that they allegedly took from this “stone”, which turned out to be the most common rock fragments, which really surprised the team “Ocean X”. This time there is not even such a statement – just unfounded scientific conclusion, which again produced bomb effect among independent experts.

A photo from open sources

Indeed, what about the statement of the team researchers “Ocean X”, which is not even considered official science? A what about the exiting equipment near this “ordinary stone” on the bottom of the Baltic Sea? Silence again …

As one of the Internet users wrote to the next officialdom of scientists about the “Baltic anomaly”, that this, presumably, their last attempt to refute the incontrovertible. Further, following the example of NASA, scientists will simply stop responding to any “fabrications” and “discoveries” regarding this topic. After all, raise to God’s mysterious ship from the bottom of the Baltic Sea anyway none of the independent researchers can, unless, of course, a miracle happens and there is no philanthropic fanatic who agrees invest tens of millions of dollars in this project.

But this is unlikely to happen, almost all users agree The World Wide Web, rich people don’t even spend a cent on what will not bring them at least one cent of profit, moreover guaranteed profits, not some kind of ephemeral perspective. A here … an alien ship, which is to be lifted from the bottom of the sea, maybe not. But this is not serious, guys …


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